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UPDATED NOV 11, 2019

Desert life means high heat and a strong desire to plunge into any crisp body of water to cool off. Lucky for us, there are several great swimming spots with some of the most picturesque sights in Arizona. It’s time to hit up the best swimming holes in Phoenix.




The name is a give-away! This water feature is, in fact, a natural slide carved in the red rocks of Sedona. Don’t worry! There’s no age limit and it’s definitely not just for kids. While this spot can get crowded on the weekends, there are plenty of spots to swim and sunbathe. Slide Rock State Park — 2 hours away

Who doesn’t love a good waterfall? The crisp, clear waters make Fossil Creek an epic spot for your next weekend getaway. You can climb behind the waterfall and jump off the top (at your own risk), but the adventuring doesn’t stop there. Wander up or downstream to discover new whirlpools and shady spots to hang a hammock. Coconino National Forest — 2 hours away

Lake Pleasant is the catchall for water sports! Best case scenario: you have a friend with a boat. If not, you don’t have to miss out. There are plenty of places on the shoreline for barbecuing, fishing, overnight camping, and floating. The best part? It is just a short drive from the valley. Lake Pleasant Regional Park — 1 hour away

Just south of the small town of Winslow, you can find McHood Park. The reservoir is an incredible hangout spot on the weekend, especially for thrill-seekers. The tall canyon walls made of sandstone are good for cliff jumping and rock climbing. No need to bring any gear, the water will act as your crash pad. Winslow, AZ  — 3 hours away

People know Camp Verde for its wineries and Out of Africa. The real gem is Wet Beaver Creek, and, specifically, “The Crack” swimming hole — a mini-oasis amongst the rocky terrain. Splash, doggie-paddle, or float all day. Tire yourself out? Pack the sleeping roll for an overnighter at Beaver Creek Campground. Coconino National Forest — 1 hour, 40 minutes away

A ten-mile hike is what it takes to get to the 70-degree blue and turquoise waters of Havasu Falls. And let us just say this 100-foot waterfall is totally bucket list worthy. Getting a permit means camping right on the creek and swimming all day! Supai, AZ — 4 hours away

If you rather not deal with crowds at Slide Rock, you may prefer Grasshopper Point. This spot tends to fall under the radar, and we’re glad for that. Escape to this swimming hole for a peaceful swim or some fishing. And on a weekday, you may even have the place to yourself! Coconino National Forest — 2 hours away

If you make it to Havasupai Falls, Mooney is just a short hike downstream. And trust us — you don’t want to miss it! Getting to the pool at the bottom of this 200-foot waterfall is an adventure itself. And just so you know, you’ll have to scale down the cliff face using chains and ladders. Supai, AZ — 4 hours away

Sitting just outside Camp Verde, Bull Pen has slow moving water, cliff jumping points, and a beach entry. This easy floating spot is just as easy to access by the maintained road. So go ahead — bring your inflatable swan and float all day. Camp Verde, AZ  — 2 hours away

**Warning:  Beware flash floods during monsoon season, as some of these spots can be extremely dangerous. Seek a permit when required.**

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