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Chelsea Gobster

APR 18, 2019

Phoenix: the brown, dry desert sprinkled with cacti. Right? Wrong! Well, okay — maybe that’s true for the outdoors but doesn’t mean our plates lack greenery. If you haven’t realized, there is an oasis of plant-based restaurants in the valley. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just veggie-curious, there are many places to get your grub on. Next time you hit the town, check out these Phoenix hot spots!

This family-run place is not entirely plant-based. Yet, their vegan and vegetarian dishes were good enough to be voted “The Best Vegetarian Restaurant” by The Arizona Republic. This place is perfect for newcomers to Ethiopian cuisine. If you’re new to this, we’re talking tearing bread with your hands and dipping it in sauce. So fun, right? But you’ll have to resist licking your fingers (easier said than done); it’s frowned upon by traditional Ethiopian etiquette.

Due to local demand, the ChopShop is popping up all over the valley. Feel free to stuff your salad, smoothie, or bowl full of plant-based protein —  it’s encouraged! Everything is made-to-order for each guest too. These folks understand everybody is unique and want to meet our individual needs. Thank you, ChopShop; you guys just get it!

DRK is one of Tempe’s 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The meals are globally-inspired but made with local, organic ingredients. Keep an open mind because the colorfully delicious hand-written menu changes daily; find it online at 10am. But the good news doesn’t stop there — you can also pick up your Sunizona farm box. The family-run farm will deliver your customized produce box directly to DRK — meaning your lettuce was picked within the last 24 hours!

There are two types of people in the world; those who love Veggie Village and those who haven’t been there yet. If you’re part of the former, you know everything is customizable for vegans (thankfully, no more sifting through the entrees for veg-options). If you’re part of the latter, you’ll want to make your way to 13th St. and Northern Ave. to see this Asian-fusion restaurant for yourself. The vegan fish is life-changing.

Flower Child


A healthy seed was planted back in 2014 with the first Flower Child. Now, with three more locations around the Valley, you can pick your favorite flower with a menu jam-packed with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items. Plus, organic produce is guided by the “Dirty Dozen” list (12 veggies you seriously should buy organic). You’ll leave happier than when you walked in; belly full, enlightened, and planning when you’ll be back next.

Setting up in Biltmore Fashion Park and Scottsdale Quarter, True Food is the perfect way to stay nourished so you don’t drop while you shop. Choosing what to eat will be the best but also the hardest decision you make all day. And honestly, the veggie-options are so good, even your carnivore friends will be stealing bites off your plate. We’re talking spaghetti squash casserole and quinoa burgers. Their secret to serving the freshest dishes? The menu changes with the seasons, so you get the most flavor and mega-dense nutrients.

The Herb Box


Immerse yourself in live music and candlelight in North Scottsdale or Old Town. We vegetarians have tried a lot of hummus (more tubs than we can count), but their edamame version tops the charts. Share the Vegetarian Nosh Board with friends or go solo with the Herb Box BLT with free-range chicken or blackened salmon. You really can’t go wrong here!

Loving Hut


The name alone says it. This place uses cooking to spread light, love, and peace. These guys are passionate about making meat-and dairy-free fare tasty. And don’t worry — they have four locations in the Valley, so you won’t miss this gem. While menus may vary, you’ll love Phoenix for it’s Heaven Rice Rolls, Ocean Sandwich, and Coconut Curry.



Looking for a vegan place with a little more sustenance? With 100% plant-based ingredients, vegan cheeses, and mock meats, Green is your jam! The Tempe and Phoenix locations make meat-substituting an art, from buffalo wings to Chicago cheesesteaks. Did we mention the vegan dessert place next door?

Yes, you read that right. Next door to Green is an entire place dedicated to vegan desserts! They’re best known for tSoynamis; organic soy and coconut tsoft tserve ice cream. They’re tseriously delish. Pick from one of their signature concoctions (Chai Tiramisu, Fluffernutterin, Ts’mores – to name a few) or create your own from the assortment of goodies!

With pizzas like The Vegan Dalai Lama and Mother Earth (not to mention four kombuchas on draft), you’ll be torn. We’re not giving all their secrets away—you’ll have to visit for yourself—but make sure you check out the funky grocery shop. Savor a fresh pastry on the patio — you’re likely to make some new fur-friends. You heard it from us: dreams come true on 40th St.!

Coronado is a historic neighborhood with the perfect vegetarian chill spot. Coffee shop, bar, eatery, and dog-friendly — what more could we want? Happy hour? Well, they have that too from 4–7pm. When you go, do NOT skim past the vegetarian tacos because the options are impressive; tofu, potato, or cauliflower. Score!

With a name like 24 Carrots!, you know you’re in for a veg-forward menu. Meet your friends in Tempe for a post-workout smoothie or brunch. The Ultimate Recovery smoothie will help you shape up from your new workout routine. As for brunch-lovers, try the Vegan Arizona Bowl: apple soyrizo hash, garden tofu scramble, black beans, avocado, spinach, and aioli — it’s bomb!

This family-run eatery in Gilbert started as a food truck. Since those days, they’ve expanded in many ways. Now, they serve eco-friendly plates (like the crazy-good tempeh breakfast sandwich), support local farmers, and host cooking classes. Can we just say: family goals! Visit them in the neighborhood of Agritopia, built directly on an organic farm.

Before juicing was cooler than slamming wheat grass, Kaleidoscope was making deliveries around the Valley. Now with four locations—including one inside of a phenomenal yoga studio—the juice queen is serving up a full menu of healthy, organic eats… and will still deliver to your doorstep. While you can’t go wrong with a juice, like Sassy Pants, you may want to bite into a vegan burrito or breakfast sandwich for the win.

The Buddha Bowl and SUPERduperFOOD salad at this place will satisfy your appetite, but it’ll be the Brewmosa (draft beer and OJ) that’ll keep you coming back! This health-conscious market in North and Old Town Scottsdale, as well as Ahwatukee, is certainly creative in the menu they serve, and it is definitely worth a visit. Even better, they’re committed to serving meals made with locally- and sustainably-sourced ingredients, giving you more than one reason to feel good about what you’re eating.

This place is a mindful kitchen. That alone should make your body smile like savasana. Mindful of the ingredients they serve, the mindful minds behind Kale & Clover are making customers shine. From cauliflower wings and coconut carrot soup to a portobello burger you can sink your teeth into, the menu is an explosion of everything (V)!

Ain’t nuthin’ but a V thang at Fresh Mint, where the food is 100% vegetarian and 100% fresh! Everything is made to order and inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. The Chef’s Specials include Curry Apple Tofu, Kung Pao Soy Chicken, and Mushroom Wonder with pan-roasted shiitake mushrooms in a special Fresh Mint sauce with assorted steamed vegetables — you’ll definitely want to consider those.


**Updated by Heidi Malano, September 2018