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JUL 14, 2020


We all know how hot Phoenix gets. So it’s no surprise that we love, love, love our ice cream! Luckily, for those of us who are vegans, lactose intolerant, or just want to enjoy a healthy frozen treat, there are plenty of vegan-friendly ice cream spots in Phoenix to check out.

Luna makes everything from scratch using only ingredients imported from Italy and local Danzeisen dairy products. There are no mixes or powders at Luna, just real authentic, artisanal gelato. Luna offers a wide selection of vegan sorbetto flavors, from mango to frutti di bosco. The chocolate sorbetto tastes exactly like real chocolate ice cream with its decadent, creamy texture.

Nekter's latest offering, Skoop, proves just as delicious and health conscious as its juices. Skoop is a dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free frozen treat made from creamy cashew milk and a handful of sweet ingredients like honey and agave nectar. Skoop comes in many flavors, and they are constantly adding new ones. You can top off your vegan ice cream with berries, cacao nibs, and other fun goodies. Visit any of the almost 1000 Nekter locations in the Valley to cool off with this unique treat!

Sweet Republic doesn’t mess around; they use fresh, local ingredients and make all of their ice cream and sorbet from scratch. Whether you hit up the Scottsdale or Phoenix locations, Sweet Republic has a variety of vegan sorbet options to indulge in. With flavors like coconut, watermelon, and orange mimosa, you can’t go wrong.

tSoynami, Nami’s famous homemade dessert, may be the best vegan treat on this list. A tSoynami is simply organic, unrefined cane sugar and organic soy mixed with coconut milk tSoft tServe ice cream. Goodies like peanut butter and chocolate can be added for different flavor— we highly recommend The Doughboy, made with chocolate chip namiDOH and organic chocolate syrup. Fitt Tip: Nami shares its space with Green New American Vegetarian, a great place to get some lunch.

The Gelato Spot may have an average name, but it is certainly not average, offering nine delicious vegan flavors. With classics like creamy chocolate sorbetto made from coconut milk, the vegan offerings here taste just as good, if not better, than typical dairy options. Head to Old Town Scottsdale, Biltmore area, or North Phoenix to try the flavors out for yourself. Fitt Tip: The Biltmore location also sells pressed juice.

Say hello to BaoBing, Chinese for “shaved snow.” This is not shaved ice! And it’s not ice cream either. Shaved Snow is the amazingness right in-between. Seriously, the texture is perfect and oh-so-fluffy. And this frozen treat made its way from a small island 6,000 miles away in the South China Seas all the way to sunny, Uptown Phoenix, just for us! We couldn’t be happier. Vegan flavors include Coconut and Pistachio.

Creamistry is another Instagram-worthy ice cream destination. The Creamologists at this hot spot use liquid nitrogen to handcraft their frozen treats. The result is a mouth-watering science experiment right before your eyes! At Creamistry, you can choose your base before you choose the flavor. Staff can recommend which flavors will work best with each base. For instance, Fruity Pebbles and Churro both work well with coconut. With four locations around Phoenix and Scottsdale, you might just get addicted to this savory, scientific treat.

Milk Run at 17th Ave. and Camelback serves premium ice cream and boba tea. Vegan options include coconut vanilla, chocolate coconut, and other rotating flavors. However, it is their Milk Tea Floats that make Milk Run really stand out. Ice cream + milk tea = yes, please. You can choose from either non-gmo soy or almond milk. Want to try a different kind of cold treat? The peach berry slushie with almond milk does not disappoint. Fitt Tip: Boba contains honey, but Milk Run is happy to hold the honey on any order.


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