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JUL 14, 2020



Like CrossFitters themselves, the chances are strong that you’re part of the CrossFit crowd, or at least know someone who is. This high-intensity fitness program is everywhere — maybe you’ve seen someone’s workout of the day (or WOD) on Instagram or follow the CrossFit Games on TV.

In fact, Phoenix has a huge CrossFit community and navigating the countless gyms can be intimidating. So, whether you’re looking to train with the best or simply break into a new workout, we’ve compiled the best boxes in town!

Your schedule’s chaotic? No problem. Spark CrossFit offers classes every day of the week from as early as 5am to as late as 7:30pm. This Valley gym sets up near the Phoenix Zoo and offers multiple levels of programs, tailoring workouts to the beginner to the advanced athlete. Spark30 is a 30-minute, high-energy bodyweight workout; Spark60 is a 60-minute CrossFit workout with interval training, gymnastics, and weightlifting; and Ignite is their interval training class with a serious afterburn!

Workouts never go stale at Scottsdale’s Camelback CrossFit. This massive 8,000-square-foot gym offers high-intensity functional fitness training such as cardio/endurance, weightlifting, and even gymnastics. Camelback CrossFit’s schedule rocks classes around the clock from as early as 5am to as late as 7pm, with an open schedule on Sundays. They also foster a supportive community to help you with other fitness lifestyle choices — we’re talking what to eat and how to recover faster.

Deadlifts, press, clean, snatch — terms you may or not be familiar with… yet. At CrossFit Magna, they take you through them step by step until you’ve mastered them all. Magna also helps you master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and rope climbs. They bike, run, and row hard and fast, too. So, if it’s variety you’re after, you’ll find it in this Phoenix box!

Zero Machine CrossFit is in the Ahwatukee Foothills. Here, the ultimate challenge is you versus you, which is a lifelong competition requiring body, mind, and soul. For this to happen, Zero Machine offers a variety of programs other than their strong CrossFit program, including On-Ramp, Team, and ROMWOD. Their goal is to make you the best competitor you will ever face. Clearly a win!

At East Valley CrossFit, they believe that CrossFit is the single most effective means for training for optimal general fitness, so you know you are sweating with others who live and breathe the WOD. Here, you will train with the elite weightlifters, professional strongmen, and CrossFit competitors. But it’s not just for the experienced — newcomers are always welcome.

One of the longest-standing CrossFit gyms in Central Phoenix, CrossFit Full Strength offers a chance for you to break into the local CrossFit community with ease. They offer tons of fun social events, from post-competition happy hours to rowing on Tempe Town Lake. You’re sure to make new friends (and get fit doing so) fast!

Grab a friend for some high-level group training classes in North Scottsdale at Power in Motion. These intense classes are led by coaches with a diverse background, offering a variety of expertise. Change it up with the Tough Training workouts using Spartan SGX Training (think monkey bars, tire flips, and swinging from rings). These are designed to take your endurance and strength to a whole new level with a bit of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) fun!

Small class sizes and workouts tailored to each individual make CrossFit Tempe stand out. Love obsessing over your workout stats? All statistics are electronically recorded online, and you can keep track of your progress via an app on your phone!

If you’re new to CrossFit or just want to improve your fitness, Papago CrossFit in south Scottsdale is the perfect spot. Their attention to detail and instructions make all levels feel welcome. The Papago CrossFit coaching is dedicated to helping you find your inner athlete as well as your inner zen, too. They offer special classes every month like Aerial Yoga, Yoga in the Park, and Restorative Yoga. Follow them on Facebook to find out what’s coming up.

Found in the back of Arcadia’s Gaslamp Square is a badass gym where a community of support, education, and encouragement come together every single day! Sol CrossFit invites every human sol into their doors to experience a great variety of programs, including Sol Academy (CrossFit 101), Sol Barbell Club (Olympic weightlifting), Run/Endurance, Private Coaching, Corrective Exercise, and Yoga.

It may be their mantra—Takin the Jiggle Outcha Wiggle since 2001—that makes CrossFit Blur one of the most sought-after gyms in the Valley. Or maybe it’s the fact that they advertise the “friendliest hours” around, offering sessions running every hour on the hour from 5am to 7pm so they can do what they want to do, which is to make you fit! Too far for you to get Blur’d? No problem. They offer an online program delivered right to your phone.


**Updated by Heidi Malano, December 2018


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