13 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of The Phoenix Health And Fitness Scene

13 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of The Phoenix Health And Fitness Scene

Phoenix gets a bad rap for its relentless summer heat. But the rest of the year? We’re living it up and staying active.

Our city thrives with an all-inclusive fitness community. The surrounding mountains beckon the thrill-seeker. Innovative gyms and studios, free outdoor workouts, more than a few good brunches—the Valley offers a variety of one-of-a-kind adventures worth bragging about.

  • Yes, We’ve Got Water Here

    waterfalls near phoenix
    image via @jefforydean | Instagram

    Just because we’re in the desert doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun in the water! How about a picturesque dip in Havasupai Falls? Or maybe a dive off a waterfall near Fossil Creek. Adrenaline junkie? How about a Colorado River rafting trip through swift waters with the Grand Canyon walls looming above. Even in the desert, our water is better.

  • Outdoor Adventures Galore

    image via Helene Fjågesund | Facebook

    Several mountain summits surround the Valley, making Phoenix perfect for the outdoor adventure-seeker! Whether you’re after a relaxing hike or a challenging one, there’s a place for you. You’ll also find pristine parks with calm lakes, lots of green spaces, and some fantastic spots for camping under the stars — all with Instagram-worthy scenery. You’ll forget you’re even in the desert!

  • We Cycle

    cycling in Phoenix
    image via Evan Pardi | Facebook

    Phoenix has the best bike paths and trails any cyclist (or beginner) could ask for! Whether it’s paved paths for an easy ride to happy hour or scenic climbs up some lung-burning trails, strap on that helmet and head out the door. We guarantee there’s a two wheeling adventure waiting just around the corner!

    Prefer air conditioning over the real deal? Sweat it out indoors with several state-of-the-art studios across the valley. Clip in and ride to some heart-pumping music—and skip applying all that sunscreen.

  • We Run Long

    run trails Phoenix
    image via @anilacy | Instagram

    When it’s not summer, the desert is the perfect place for running long! The canals stretch across the Valley for hundreds of miles. You’ll also find shaded paths, lakefront routes, and scenic trails. There’s a perfect place to run for everyone, no matter where you live or the number of miles on your schedule.

  • We’ve Got the Best Races

    races in Phoenix
    image via Phoenix10k

    Looking for a new PR race? Or ready to go the distance and tackle your first half-marathon or even that coveted 26.2? Phoenix has dozens of races all year round. Hundreds travel across the globe to qualify for Boston at the Phoenix Marathon — you just can’t beat the weather and that downhill course! Whether it’s running through the streets of downtown Phoenix or finishing with a local craft beer, we have tons of options to add to your bucket list.

  • You Don’t Have to Run Alone

    run groups in Phoenix
    image via John Maroushek‎ | Facebook

    Pounding the pavement or tackling the trails is more fun with a friend! There’s a large community of Phoenix runners ready to welcome you with a sweaty hug. You’ll find a diverse group in almost every neighborhood, full of friendly runners of all abilities. And more often than not, they’ll ask you to join them for some post-run grub and suds!

  • Day Trips to the Grand Canyon

    grand canyon day trip
    image via ClickFlashPhotos : Nicki Varkevisser | Flickr

    One of the seven natural wonders of the world is in our own backyard! The Grand Canyon is a few hours north. Making a weekend full of backcountry backpacking, hiking, and rafting through one of our nation’s most popular destinations just a quick trip away.

  • We Don’t Have an “Off-season”

    gyms in Phoenix
    image via EXOS | Facebook

    We get it — in the summer it’s hot. But we don’t let that stop us from staying on top of our fitness goals! In Phoenix, we run before the sun rises and power through our training. We also head inside to sweat at some of the best gyms and innovative studios around! And come winter when your Facebook feed is full of people shovelling snow, Phoenix is still outside enjoying the sun.

  • Cool Off in the Snow

    snow Flagstaff
    image via @cripptonator | Instagram

    Dreaming of snow covered mountains, skiing, snowboarding, and hot chocolate but not a fan of the cold? Grab your snow boots and for a day trip to Flagstaff for some wintery fun. As soon as you’ve gotten your fill, you can drive back down to Phoenix where the sun will warm you right back up.

  • We Serve Up The Best Brunch

    brunch near phoenix
    image via @tayler.n.t | Instagram

    We Phoenicians love brunch, and it shows! Our favorite restaurants feature outdoor patios where we can enjoy the beautiful weather and the company of friends. And you’ll find healthy menu options too, so you can save the calories for the bottomless mimosas!

  • Free Fitness is Everywhere

    image via November Project Phoenix | Facebook

    No need to break the bank in order to stay fit in Phoenix. We’re all about that #FreeFitness. And for Phoenix, that means November Project Phoenix, Crosswim workouts, run groups, and more. Be prepared for high-fives, high energy, and lots of sweating. All you have to do is set your alarm, lace up your shoes, and just show up!

  • You Can Belay All Day

    indoor climbing gym Phoenix
    image via Matt Kezele | Facebook

    We like to climb in Phoenix, and once you try it, we bet you’ll get addicted too! Phoenix is home to the state’s largest indoor climbing gym-—and you’ll find several other just as impressive indoor spots around the valley too. Grab your bae for an active date, or belay with friends for one heck of a sweat sesh. When you’re ready to put that grip strength to the test outdoors, Phoenix has tons of popular, scenic spots to scramble up.

  • We Do Coffee Right

    Song Bird Coffee & Tea House
    image via Song Bird Coffee & Tea House Facebook

    A good cup of joe isn’t hard to find in Phoenix. And we’re not talking a Starbucks on every corner. The Valley is full of the best local coffee shops brewing up refreshing iced coffee, smooth lattes, and sweet treats the size of your fist. Many of these cafes also have local brews on tap–imagine the most happening bar in town is a coffee shop by day, and a happy hour hot spot at night!