The Best Places to Eat in Pittsburgh if You Love Toast

The Best Places to Eat in Pittsburgh if You Love Toast

Go ahead, make all the jokes you’d like about artisanal toast. We can’t hear you because we’re busy crunching through an entire loaf of artisanal bread, one piece of artisanal toast at a time. The only thing that can make it better? Some small-batch, hand-made, locally-sourced toppings, of course.

When you’re done with your smarty-pants comments and are ready to try some for yourself, get to these 7 places in Pittsburgh for the best artisanal toast around.

The Vandal


Imagine the most mouth-watering combination of ingredients, like huckleberry jam (real thing!), Apple and ricotta, or squash, cipollini, and kale. Then spread them on a perfectly toasted, airy yet crunchy piece of toast. Welcome to The Vandal. Since coming on the scene, this Lawrenceville eatery has been winning diners over with inventive menu options, served in a thoughtfully designed space, creating a the kind of vibe that will keep you coming back. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try every toast + topping combo.


There are so many good things happening at this spot in Bloomfield that you might have missed the toast-based option listed in the small plates. Honestly, we can’t blame you. But now you know. So there’s no excuse not to try the toast topped with corned beef tongue. Unless, of course, the thought of beef tongue weirds you out. If that’s the case, you can get your toast fix at Sunday brunch. That’s where you’ll find the Chicken Liver Mousse on Brioche (pictured above). Chicken liver or beef tongue? Choose wisely.


b52 pittsburgh

This vegan-friendly cafe knows a thing or two about bread. That’s because Omar Abuhejleh, of Allegro Hearth Bakery, is also the owner of this spot. So yeah, the bread is on point. Which makes for some tremendous toast. As evidenced by the Thick Cut Toast section of the menu. Toppings include nut butter and preserves, an avocado and tahini combo, and a cashew cheese concoction. Best of all, there’s no wrong choice.

Meat and Potatoes


Toast is typically thought of as a breakfast food. But at Meat and Potatoes, you can have your toast with dinner. Although their toast is listing under snacks, it’s like a full-on toast meal. Prepare for two pieces of grilled bread served with mini mason jars of jam and goat butter. You can dip the bread, smear the toppings, and even share if you’re feeling generous.

Coca Café

image via instagram: nspired2inspire

The go-to breakfast and brunch spot on Butler Street in Lawrenceville is calling your name. Just be prepared to wait in line. Because you’re not the only one craving Coca Café. At least you’ll have plenty of time to think about what you’ll order. How about the avocado toast? Good choice! What about the avocado toast topped with a 60-minute, soft boiled egg? Better choice!

Whitfield At Ace HOtel

Make your way to this neighborhood tavern inside East Liberty’s Ace Hotel. Cozy up to a table or a couch in the lobby. Vibe with friends or go heads down on some work. Grab a cocktail or a coffee. Then order the Toad in a Hole. Unlike the other options mentioned, the toppings aren’t the main attraction. Here, the egg-citment is baked right in (Yeah, we went there). Also worth mentioning, the Parsnip Bread. True, it’s not toast. Fact, it is one of the most delightful things you will ever eat. Ever.