Join ASCEND And 3ROC For The First 5Point Adventure Film Festival

Rock Climbing in Pittsburgh

Do you go to bed at night dreaming of adventure? Do you want to know what it would be like to raft through the Grand Canyon or learn about the culture of the San tribe in Namibia?

Well, ASCEND and 3 Rivers Outdoor Company are lighting up the big screen to help you get a unique glimpse of the world during the first-ever 5Point Adventure Film Festival in Pittsburgh. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to take a leap into something new (though, you don’t have to start with Namibia).

Soak it all in

Rock Climbing in Pittsburgh
image via ASCEND Pittsburgh | Facebook

We already know you’re all adrenaline junkies, so don’t wait until right before the screening starts to make your way to ASCEND. The festival doors will open at 4PM on Saturday, February 3.

Before the screening, distract yourself from the anticipation with some climbing, slacklining, and crate-stacking. Still got ants in your pants? Don’t worry — there will be plenty of local and regional vendors on site with food, drinks, and gear samples. 3ROC will also be there to update everyone on the progress of their grand opening.

(Don’t forget — if you contributed to their IndieGoGo, your ticket is free.)

Roll out the red carpet

Rock Climbing in Pittsburgh
image via ASCEND Pittsburgh | Facebook

Our friends at ASCEND can’t wait to use their new big screen for the 5Point Adventure Film Festival. And really, we can’t either. Screening starts at 7PM and features a series of short films to uplift your soul, inspire change, and ignite your sense of adventure.

Raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the screening so keep your tickets handy. The proceeds will be donated to local outdoor non-profit organizations including Southwestern Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition and First Waves.

And if the snacks, climbing, and surely brain-melting action-adventure footage isn’t enough to get you there, maybe knowing that Yeti, Chaco, and Sierra Nevada beer are sponsors will give you an idea of what you might be missing…

Flow Into The New Year at The Carnegie Museum of Art’s Winter Wellness Series

The holidays have come and gone, and the cookies have all been consumed, but winter is here to stay (at least for a few more months). If you’re as anxious for everything 2018 has to offer as we are, come set your intentions at the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Yoga and Music night.

Say cello to yoga

Yoga Pittsburgh
image via Carnegie Museum of Art‎ | Faacebook

It’s no joke that yoga is one of the best exercises to reflect, connect with yourself, and set intentions. So, join our friends at the CMOA for this special BYOM(at) event (not to be confused with BYOB) on Thursday, January 11 at 7PM.

We know those art gallery halls can really echo, and tonight they will sing with the sweet sounds of a cello and bass duo from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). Sound incredible? It is. Let 2017 roll off your shoulders while the classical sounds accompany you through your flow. Registration is drop-in on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t dawdle.

Musical healing

Yoga Events Pittsburgh
image via Carnegie Museum of Art‎ | Facebook

Don’t stress if you miss the band this time around. The CMOA will be offering yoga classes every Thursday as part of their Winter Wellness series. And, yes, music will be offered again.

The PSO musicians are pretty big advocates of using music for healing. They play for facilities and events throughout Pittsburgh including the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

It really does makes a difference, so come forget all your trebles of 2017 and check out this unforgettable event.

Head to Union Fitness & Arsenal Strength For The Power Through Cancer Series

gym pittsburgh

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned, it’s that you should never underestimate the power of community. As Pittsburghers, the strength and support we lend each other—in health, fitness, and life in general—is what makes us us. So, when we really need to harness that power of community for a good cause, why not turn to a community of power?

Union Fitness and Arsenal Strength are pulling together this January to Power Through Cancer, offering powerlifting seminars benefitting a local Pittsburgher’s fight and family — and these sessions are sure to help you start out 2018 in great form.

The barbell benefit

gym pittsburgh
image via Union Fitness

Our friends at Union Fitness are kicking off the the series with a two-part seminar on January 7th. Hosted at their North Side gym, the true definition of a power couple, Casey Williams and Yessica Martinez, will provide hands-on coaching and post-lift Q&A sessions for a bench press seminar (from 9am–12pm) and a deadlift seminar (from 1pm–4pm). All levels of strength and skill are welcome, first deadlift or 500th.

Both accomplished and competitive powerlifters, you’ll be in good hands with Casey and Yessie, and their tips, tricks, and secrets may be just what you need to hit that goal PR in 2018. It’s a $30 registration fee per seminar, but if you go for both deadlift and bench, it’s $50. And, of course, all proceeds benefit the cause.

And being that you’re interested in powerlifting, you’ll probably be interested in lunch during your one-hour break. It’s just too convenient then that Smallman Galley’s sister restaurant Federal Galley just opened within spitting distance of the gym. Might we suggest the Brussels sprouts from Provision PGH? Just remember you’ll be deadlifting all afternoon, so don’t get carried away.

And who could forget the squats?

pittsburgh gym
image via Union Fitness

Couldn’t make Union’s sessions? Want more powerful knowledge? Arsenal Strength proudly joins the fight the following week, January 14th, hosting a dual squat and deadlift seminar out of their Upper Lawrenceville strength space.

From 9am to 12pm, you’re in for a morning of bending barbells, form cues, and probably a few chalky high-fives. Registration is also $30, and you can guess where the money is going. See? You’ll make Pittsburgh proud with that new PR.

The details

pittsburgh gym
image via Union Fitness

More installments to the series are developing through January, but you can count on the seriously rewarding seminars from Union and Arsenal making a big difference. Book your spot for upcoming Power Through Cancer events here. You won’t regret it.

Here’s Your Chance to Relive Your Gym Hero Days With City of Play & Ace Hotel

dodgeball pittsburgh

We all get a little nostalgic every once in a while. And City of Play has a way for you to relive the glory days of middle school with a friendly game of dodgeball. Because who doesn’t miss the sting of getting pelted with a rubber ball?

Guts and glory

dodgeball pittsburgh
image via City of Play

Yes, dodgeball. It’s the game that tests who can truly be the last man (or woman) standing. The game that tests guts, smarts, and brawn. Are you ready for the challenge?

If you are, City of Play is hosting monthly Monday night dodgeball matches. And the next one is coming up Monday, January 8th from 7pm – 10 pm. So, pull out your tube socks and high-top sneakers and head over to East Liberty’s Ace Hotel.

Formerly an old YMCA, the hotel’s gymnasium is the perfect venue for a rousing game, and it’s just steps away from a post-game drink at their trendy bar in the lobby.

Remember the five D’s

dodgeball pittsburgh
image via @ryanmichaelwhite | Instagram

We realize you might be a little rusty, but don’t worry — most of us are (especially when adult beverages are involved). No matter the skill level and whether you have a team or not, there’s a place for you. Just bring $5 and that will earn you unlimited play — or until you get tired of getting pummeled with dodgeballs. We think it’ll be the former though; the dodgeballs are much softer than we remember them (they’re foam).

Oh, and there will be prizes too, but we all know the best prize is the title of dodgeball champion!


dodgeball pittsburgh
image via @cityofplay | Instagram

Didn’t win this time? You’ll get a chance to redeem yourself. Keep tabs on the City of Play Facebook page for future dates.

Switch & Signal is Set to Become Pittsburgh’s Only Indoor Skatepark

indoor skate park pittsburgh

Skateboarder and proud vegan Kerry Weber’s pipe dream is becoming a reality. Weber grew up skating the streets of Pittsburgh, and is well accustomed to how the rainy season and lack of skate parks can really harsh a good skate sesh.

Though, very soon, the crash of bowling balls knocking over pins will be replaced with the clanking and grinding of skateboards inside the former Swissvale Arcade Lanes. Switch & Signal Skatepark will open its doors any day now (they’re putting the finishing touches on).

That new ramp smell

After removing 16 bowling lanes, Weber worked with Ramp Carnies to build 12,000 square feet of interconnected zones and ramps for skaters of all levels. So, naturally, if you love skating, the first push inside these walls will give you butterflies. No, we really mean it. Not only is Switch & Signal the first of its kind in Pittsburgh, but everything is new (and that’s saying a lot for a building built in the 1950s) from freshly poured and polished concrete to LED lights so no one will miss your really sick 360 Ollie Kickflip.

The community

Tucked away in the city’s residential neighborhood of Swissvale, Switch & Signal Skatepark is open to anyone and everyone that wants to be part of a community, learn something new, or hone old tricks. The staff will offer group lessons for various skills and ages (if you’re really, really new, they’ll even lend you a board and helmet), clinics, and private lessons.

Cost will vary depending on need, but these guys are dedicated to helping everyone. Besides, the community did help build this park, whether it was donating to the Kickstarter or volunteering hours to come help. And there will be a reduced entry fee for the youth (18 and under) living in Swissvale and surrounding areas as well as selective-admission classes.

Skate up a hunger

Switch & Signal might be close to the busway, but it’s not close to any food considered healthy. Yep, D’s Six Pack and Dogs didn’t make the healthy list. A café will set up inside the skatepark and offer pre-packaged food from local vendors, juice, and ethically sourced coffee. What’s better? The café isn’t limited to skaters. Anyone can stop in and grab a snack. Be careful if you do though — the all-around good vibes might convince you to drop in for a session.