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AUG 4, 2020



Watch out, yinz, we’re about to drop the g-word. Yeah, we’re talking about gluten. Avoiding this wheat option doesn’t mean forfeiting a good, quality (or drool-worthy) meal anymore. Especially because Pittsburgh’s popping when it comes to GF menus and creative substitutions.

Ready to get your gluten-free groove on? Fill up on these healthy eats that’ll satisfy both your stomach and your lifestyle without compromising on taste.

Franks may be at the heart of this fast-casual eatery, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find plenty of gluten-free, veg, and even vegan options on both their Lawrenceville brick-and-mortar and food truck menus. Grab one of their classic franks: try the Chicago Imposter, brimming with relish, onion, banana peppers, pickles, tomato, and poppy seed. Seal the deal with a GF bun and wash it down with a bottle of Glütiny Golden Ale.

This South Side staple (with an additional location in Irwin) is not only gluten-free-friendly (with an extensive GF menu), but they're also home to an inventive vegan and veg menu that could cure anyone’s hangover. We recommend the portabella burger for a dish so delicious, it’ll bring you back to life faster than any amount of AM coffee.

Where else can you score some gluten-free pancakes without sacrificing the doughy, fluffy consistency of a traditional flapjack? This East Liberty cafe (formerly in Regent Square) goes out of their way to accommodate dietary needs, bringing the community together around vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free fare, with a fresh, local flare. Looking for something more savory? Check out their variety of gluten-free bowls.

North Park’s crown jewel & East Carson's cyclist haven both feature menus to match their running, hiking, and biking patrons; there is a range of gluten-free and veg-friendly options alongside craft beers and greasy burgers. Basically, no matter how health-conscious you're feeling, there is something for you. If you ask nicely, they may even let you order from their secret Paleo menu.

This staple spot in Squirrel Hill has been supplying Pittsburgh with gluten-free baked goods since their conception in 2007. And all the while they’ve been baking everything in-house, from scratch, by hand, daily. In doing so, they fulfill their mission of providing the best-tasting allergy-friendly treats around. From cakes to cookies, cupcakes to pizza, and even DIY baking mixes, Gluuteny is the gluten-free go-to.

Choolaah in East Liberty is changing the game with bold flavors created using only the freshest ingredients. And here, they don’t make you dig for the GF options. Check out the menu designated for all your gluten-free needs to get the run down of tandoor-baked dishes sure to satisfy. Wanna keep it classic? We recommend the tikka masala topped with your favorite protein.

Build your bowl from the ground up for a GF creation that’s uniquely yours. Get creative at this East Liberty eatery by throwing all the ingredients you’re craving into a stir-fry or salad that fits any and all dietary needs. Need some inspiration? Try one of their suggested options instead. Red Coconut Curry, White Bean Tuna, Cobb — whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Custom Korean food in Pittsburgh’s Downtown neighborhood? It doesn’t get better than that. Bae Bae’s makes it easy to for anyone looking to load up on the veggies and skip out on the gluten. Plus, the kitchen sources local, organic, all-natural products. Meaning you can feel good about your plate, no matter what you order. Wash it all down with a boba tea for a sweet ending to a savory meal.

If you’re looking for another gluten-free goldmine in Squirrel Hill, check out Pastoli’s. This family-owned joint takes food allergies seriously, not only with an extensive gluten-free menu but by completing all of their allergen-friendly cooking in a separate prep area where traditional flour shall not cross. The likes of wheat-free hoagies, wedgies, specialty pies, and more means you don’t have to stick to salad on pizza night.

B52 is Pittsburgh’s top spot for thick-cut avocado toast that’ll change the way you brunch. And with gluten-free bread available, no one misses out on this tahini-drizzled, zesty goodness. In fact, over half of their menu items can be swapped for a non-wheat option that tastes just as delicious as the OG dish. Want something that’ll suit the vegan crowd, too? Order the tofu scramble for a breakfast so good, you may swear off eggs completely.

Poke bowls. Pressed Juice. Craft cocktails. What more could you ask for? Not much — and with a completely custom ordering system, this East Liberty spot is accessible to everyone. Bold flavors and fresh ingredients blend together to bring you the Hawaiian fast-casual spot you didn’t know you were after. And with bases like zoodles, toppings like pickled ginger, and mix-ins like seaweed on the ingredients list, your taste buds will thank you for a meal that’s far from ordinary.


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