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UPDATED JUN 10, 2020

A great yoga class is better than therapy (and way cheaper). We’ve unrolled our mats all over the Burgh—in heated flows and fast-paced Vinyasa classes—and these studios had us feeling damn good.




North Shore’s Urban Elements tries to put a little earth, fire, water, air, and space into everything they do. Focus on the fluid motions of your body in their heated vinyasa class, or feel the burn in your quads during their Ryde & Flow indoor cycling and yoga fusion class. No matter which sessions you try, prepare for an energy-balancing experience that’ll leave you with a zen state of mind.

Yoga Love is brought to you by people who love yoga, for people who love yoga. While their bread and butter is Vinyasa Flow, they’re passionate about exploration and cultivating new experiences in both their Shadyside and South Hills studios. Expand your practice with yoga with weights, and meditation. Wanna veer off into your own flow instead? Try “open studio” time for a chance to dip your feet into a casual practice, or commit to a tricky pose without the fear of disrupting a full-on class. Fitt Tip: The addresses for both studios are very similar, make sure you're headed to the right one.

Does BYS mean “best yoga studio?” It’s a definite possibility. And with their South Side studio offering Hatha- and Vinyasa-based flows ‘round the clock, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to judge for yourself. BYS Yoga is all about being accessible, cooperative, and uplifting while getting in touch with the traditional roots of yoga. And because they’re yogic experts, prepare to absorb some knowledge as you balance out the energetic body.

Inhale understands everyday yinzer life. Inside their Downtown and Northside studios, they practice yoga focusing on breath, movement, alignment, and meditation. Outside the studio, they’re all about building community, taking in rays by the rivers and seeking out Pittsburgh’s urban green space. And when life gets crazy, they have your back with chill classes that’ll help you workout around a busy schedule — try Morning Yoga, sneak in for the Lunch Break, or howl at the Moonlight Mondays’ nighttime rooftop yoga at Hotel Monaco.

Strip away all the distractions of life—the stress, the drama, the noise—and what’s left? Your breath and beating heart. Yoga Flow wants you to get in touch with both. They’re your go-to sweat spot for Ujjayi Vinyasa yoga — a heated, active practice that focuses on breathing techniques that mimic the calming sound of ocean waves. In addition to their Shadyside studio, they’ve invaded the South Hills, Aspinwall, Murrysville, and Irwin with their mindful movement and soothing practice.

The Om Lounge brings some seriously zen energy to East Liberty. They’re all about honoring yourself through space and presence while adding a little personalization to the traditional process. Join the Om Happy Hour, where students practice to the tempo of feel-good music (everything from Motown to dubstep) that feeds the soul. Want to crank it up a notch? Try Om Spice for some extra heat during a creative flow you won’t find anywhere else.

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Amazing Yoga’s take on wellness is refreshing— we can’t get enough of these one-of-a-kind practices. They make heated yoga too cool with signature flows, mindful relaxation, and even a Vinyasa to the tune of your favorite hip-hop beats in all three of their locations (South Side, Shadyside, and Wexford). Fitt Tip: They also offer online yoga classes for those times you can't make it to the studio.

At Yoga Factory Pittsburgh (formerly Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh) in Lawrenceville, they crank the thermostat all the way up to a toasty temperature above 105˚. Their top class, Original Hot Yoga, goes through the traditional 26 postures and Pranayama breathing exercises of Bikram yoga for one highly effective workout. In addition to their traditional Bikram practice, their Fusion, Restore, and HIIT classes leave yogis with an empowering philosophy and unique yoga experience.

Formerly Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill, try out I Am Yoga's signature Hot 90, where you’ll hit the 26 postures of a traditional Bikram practice and burn about 600 calories per 90-minute class! They’ve also added Hot Pilates, Vinyasa Flow, and a beat-based Hot90: Cool Tunes & Hot Yoga to their traditional offerings. And after a heart-pumping heated class, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a new mantra: “I am strong. I am whole. I am… obscenely sweaty.”

lyengar Yoga Institute Pittsburgh pledges that “no one is too stiff, too out of shape, or too old” for regular practice. Their Murray Ave. studio is the perfect spot to unfurl your new mat and give Iyengar yoga a shot. Iyengar style is unique in that it challenges you to hold postures longer as you use props like blocks, straps, and chairs to cultivate a dynamic practice. Think of class here as less of a workout session and more of a learning opportunity.

The study and practice of yoga is a step-by-step process. At One Point One Yoga, you’ll enter a no-judgement zone where the focus is collaboration, not competition. The studio classes like Meditate and Move, The Slow Down, and Work it Out, One Point One balances the forces of relaxation, energy, and rejuvenation in every session. With the addition of sister studio One Point Two just down the block, the studio now offers more intimate classes, private sessions, as well as massage and body work.

Founded on the principles of kula (community) and seva (service), Salt Power Yoga in Sewickley and Seven Fields will take you through a flurry of movement, a discovery of strength, and a realization of newfound energy — and you’ll find yourself seriously sweaty along the way. This heated, Vinyasa-based community encourages you to leave your expectations at the door and just move. That’s why they’ve designed unique Happy Hour and Everybody Yoga (welcoming those with special needs) classes in addition to opening their doors for $5 Charity Flows on Sundays.

Scattered across the city, Schoolhouse’s three locations in East Liberty, Squirrel Hill, and the North Hills ensure you’re never too far from the mat. Schoolhouse’s class offerings are all-encompassing — they offer beginner’s classes weekly, gentle yoga, pre-natal, and “Mommy & Me” for parents who want to bring their baby to the unheated studio. Be sure to check out their specialty workshop offerings, like Full Moon meditations and Sound Healing, as well.

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self
UPMC Health Plan

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self

Get gamified help to exercise more and reduce stress with the Odyssey app by UPMC.

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