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MAR 1, 2020



The paleo diet is no joke. And if you’ve adopted this primal way of eating, more power to you. With a strict policy against all dairy, grain, and refined sugar, there is little wiggle room for eating anything our caveman ancestors didn’t eat. Bottom line: whole foods are in and processed ones are out.

So there’s no doubt that exploring the local restaurant scene can get tricky for our paleo friends. Luckily, Pittsburgh is ahead of the healthy eating curve. The city’s home to quite a few paleo-friendly hot spots where you can enjoy your food without sacrificing a clean lifestyle.

Customization is the name of the game at Choolaah. While there’s no paleo-specific menu yet, there is plenty of flexibility at the East Liberty Indian BBQ spot. Try a dish that mixes fresh, crisp lettuce with warm, roasted veggies, like the Choolaah Salad with sustainable, Faroe Islands-caught salmon. Hold the paneer and pita chips. This bowl has so much flavor packed in, you won’t even miss them.

Acorn lives up to its mission of creating a menu with clean flavor profiles. This place was practically made for paleo dieters looking for some serious quality in their food. And ingredients are sourced locally, so you know they’re fresh. The Shadyside cafe features your favorite meats cooked with an array of roots, produce, and spices. Charred cauliflower, short rib, rainbow trout — are you drooling yet?!

This build-your-own spot in East Liberty makes choosing clean cuisine almost too easy. But this time, we’re talking salads and stir-fry, so get creative. Sub rice for lettuce cups, load on the protein, then seal the deal with your favorite sauce or dressing. Want something sweet to go with the savory? Enjoy the natural flavor of honeygrow’s cold-pressed, no-sugar-added juice selection.

This health-conscious cafe will quickly become a staple spot for any paleo dieters who need a shake up in their dinner routine. Hit East Carson St. and check out OTB’s specialty paleo menu. Designed with primal eaters in mind — and with a little help from CrossFit Athletics — the menu ensures you’ll never second guess your order again. Skip the bun and chips and try any of their delicious and aptly named burgers on a bed of mixed greens.

Gaucho is the talk of the Strip District, and for good reason. Follow the line that wraps around Penn and into the heart of a first-come, first-serve cafe to place your order. Everything, and we mean everything, is cooked to wood-fired perfection. Need a tip? The Steak Plates are where the action is at. From Flank to NY Strip, these juicy cuts are served with a ridiculously flavorful house-made chimichurri and La Casa salad.

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self
UPMC Health Plan

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self

Get gamified help to exercise more and reduce stress with the Odyssey app by UPMC.

Soba offers up a modern-Asian take on food that’ll make your mouth water as soon as you step through the door. The chefs here are nothing short of genius. Mixing up flavor combinations that take you by surprise, they’ve truly perfected the art of food. For instance, you’ve gotta go for the Scottish Salmon. Somehow, the fish, curried squash, and mint salad combo just works — and we’re glad it does. Head to Ellsworth Avenue to get your fix of some of the best paleo-friendly food in Shadyside.

Comfort food that’s clean and simple. Scratch Food and Beverage brings the flavor to Troy Hill with a small, yet accessible, menu of local foods. Skeptical of the lineup? The Scratch staff will happily review all dishes and ingredients with any health-conscious foodie. Give ’em a call to hear their daily options, chat with their chef, and find something perfect for your paleo palate.

This downtown gastropub is the obvious choice for some quality steak. Enjoy the meat, scrap the potatoes. We know what the name suggests, but trust us — the Build Your Own Ribeye is exactly what you’re after. Top with a sharp and zesty chimichurri to round out that tender ribeye taste. And with sides like creamy spinach and roasted cauliflower, you won’t be able to choose just one.

Craving some Omega 3s to get your brain and body moving? Kahuna in East Liberty is the perfect spot to dig into a poke combo made up of your favorite fish. Start your bowl off right with a base of zoodles or seasonal greens. Then, top with tofu or Scottish salmon. Swap the soy sauce for creamy avocado and a dash of sea salt for a dressing-like substitute that’ll bring out all the flavors while keepin’ it clean.

Paleo is all about fruits and veggies. Why not shake things up by getting your daily dose in a whole new form? Head to Clean Juice in East Liberty for exactly that — fresh juice made with clean, unprocessed ingredients that are sure to quench your thirst. Looking for something more substantial? We recommend The Berry Bowl (sans granola) for a no-nonsense açaí bowl that's sure to satisfy your stomach and your sweet tooth.

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self
UPMC Health Plan

Unlock a Journey to Becoming Your Healthiest Self

Get gamified help to exercise more and reduce stress with the Odyssey app by UPMC.


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