Choolaah is Pittsburgh’s Go-to Spot For Healthy, Indian-Inspired Eats

Choolaah is Pittsburgh’s Go-to Spot For Healthy, Indian-Inspired Eats

Surely, if you know and love Indian food, you know the one drawback is not being able to get to your veg-heavy and flavor-packed feast fast enough. The cuisine is healthy and undeniably delicious, but not having your Naan now can drive you masala mad.

Enter Choolaah Indian BBQ in Pittsburgh, a local spot bringing you some of the freshest ingredients in the neighborhood — East Liberty, to be exact.

  • Eat Happy

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    Walk into a welcoming space, and you’ll find a fully-loaded menu with healthy, sustainable proteins like Faroe Islands salmon and Halal and family-ranched lamb meatballs to fill up your plate (all lit up by some seriously stellar natural light from their floor-to-ceiling windows). They have everything from Amish-made artisan cheese to organic, non-GMO tofu and tandoori veggies. Did we mention you’ll be able to see Choolaah cook your food with ancient clay cooking methods? Inside their open kitchen concept, their custom-built tandoor clay ovens, named after Pittsburgh legends, help seal in the spices for an extra flavorful taste.

    Looking for veghead-friendly options? Just check out their dietary key for vegan and vegetarian grub. Better yet, head to their website and filter through the menu of your choice. Gluten-free? Check. Egg-free? Check, check. Want to design your own bowl? Go for it. It all goes down with a Chipotle-esque ordering system, where you can select your protein base and dress it up with everything from brown rice to an extra piece of naan to dip in the delicious masalas.

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    Open for an early lunch or post-work feast (11am to 9pm most nights), anytime’s a good time for healthy, responsibly sourced, and absolutely flavor-packed samples of their unconventionally authentic menu.

    And this is not just a meal, it’s an experience. Within, you’ll get lost in the vibrant atmosphere, upbeat music, and colorful decor (with original artwork, no less). Oh, and the food. You’ll definitely get lost in that. Whether you’ve officially become a Naan addict or got a little too heavy-handed with the fiery Choolaah Lava sauce, that food will have you talking, raving, and probably dreaming later that night.

    Had your first taste? Congratulations — we guarantee you’re a Choolaah-Head now.