Where to WOD: Every CrossFit Gym in And Around Pittsburgh

Where to WOD: Every CrossFit Gym in And Around Pittsburgh

Are you a CrossFitter?

If not, you’ve probably heard of CrossFit.  Maybe you caught the CrossFit Games on television. And chances are good that you have a CrossFitting friend. Yes, the one who has told you all about their workout of the day (a.k.a. – WOD).

Now you might be thinking about testing the WOD waters or you’re looking for a facility and instructor who can get you ready for Regionals. Either way, we’ve scoured the Steel City so you’d know exactly where to find the CrossFit box that’s best for you.

CrossFit Alloy @ Industrial Athletics

Crossfit Alloy Pittsburgh

Industrial Athletics is the home of CrossFit Alloy, but there’s so much more to this place. With an emphasis on functional fitness and training for the unknown and unknowable, clients are exposed to powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, and whatever else owners the team of trainers can throw at them. It’s the combination of these elements that will make you stronger and keep you motivated towards your fitness goals.

CrossFit War Streets

Crossfit War Streets Pittsburgh

Looking for a tight-knit community to push yourself harder? To lift more? To light a fire on your weight loss goals? Well CrossFit War Streets at Allegheny YMCA is your battleground. Here, you’ll crush a WOD under the watchful eye of instructor Sara Middleton. Hosting multiple sessions per day, CrossFit War Streets of, you guessed it, Pittsburgh’s Mexican War Streets, can whip you into shape one box-jump at a time.

Beyond Parallel Strength and Fitness

Beyond Parallel CrossFit

CrossFit praises a squat that breaks 90-degree – or should we say Beyond Parallel. Beyond Parallel Strength and Fitness is uncompromising and unrelenting in never settling. The coaches and community of this Cranberry scene can instruct you on how to get fit and will you to take it even further. And get this, they’re moving just down the street to a brand-spanking-new gym with all the kettlebells, barbells, boxes, and row machines you need!

CrossFit Iron City

crossfit iron city Pittsburgh

Are you looking for a high-caliber training facility where you can crush this whole CrossFit thing? CrossFit Iron City will show you the ropes. They’re devoted to actually teaching members, which you can’t say about all CrossFit gyms. You’ll always be with a trainer who can provide hands-on instruction, form adjustment, and personal accountability as you stomp a workout and achieve your goals. The dedication to the North Hills (and the Strip!) community can additionally be seen in their variety of different classes – barbell, bootcamp, and CrossFit Kids.

CrossFit North Park

CrossFit North Park Pittsburgh

Training for survival doesn’t have to mean roughing it in the wild. CrossFit North Park has built its programs around improving athletes’ physical prowess, mental quickness, and ability to dominate just about anything life can send their way. The team at their Allison Park gym can hone your skills in not just lifting, but in strength, speed, endurance, and willpower.

CrossFit TPA

CrossFit TPA

Real life can be tough. It’s best to be prepared for it. At CrossFit TPA (The Primal Athlete), you’ll perform daily, short, and intense bouts of exercise that allow you to act like a real human. The primal crew in the Zelienople gym throws in aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field, and strongman to a workout that will test you mentally and physically.

R.A.W. Training

R.A.W. Training

Need a reason to believe in CrossFit? R.A.W. Training can go on all day. And they’ve got programming scheduled around the clock – you don’t have any excuses for not getting in the best shape of your life. With a broad range of equipment at Wildwood Sports Complex, a staff with multiple sport and fitness specialties, and 42 acre of hills and trails in Gibsonia(!), R.A.W. invites you to realize the athlete within.

CrossFit RITE

CrossFit RITE

RITE stands for routine is the enemy. And CrossFit RITE in Cranberry knows that breaking out of the ‘same old, same old’ can yield strength, fitness, and life goals like you’ve never seen. One day, you’ll be hitting the barbell and doing handstands. The next, you’ll be rowing HARD, running, and doing a few muscle-ups on the rings. It’s that sort of unpredictability that keeps exercise fresh and your body in motion.

Journeyman Fitness – Sojourner CrossFit

journeyman CrossFit

Journeyman Fitness in Wexford has taken its 200 family members on quite the journey. They’re teaching their clients to live. Like, really live by making serious, positive, and lasting changes to their health. You can build strength and fitness from the ground-up here. You’ll be pointed in the right direction by learning a foundation of functional movement and mobility before crushing a WOD or PR-ing a lift.

T2 Crossfit

crossfit pittsburgh
image via t2

When it comes to CrossFit, each box has rigs and rowing machines, wall balls and bumper plates. While one spot might be bigger or smaller than the next, people are the real difference maker. It’s all about community and coaching. And T2 CrossFit in South Fayette/Bridgeville area has both of those covered. Owners Brad Tobias and Anna Tunnicliffe, a Marine and CrossFit competitor/Olympic athlete respectively, are building a supportive community of inspired and healthy athletes one rep at a time.

CrossFit Athletics

CrossFit Athletics Pittsburgh

Local CrossFitters know this place as CFA. They’ve been around for a while now, but just recently moved to a bigger, upgraded facility under the AT&T clock tower in South Side. Now, stellar coaches and their crew of CrossFit athletes have so much room for activities. We mean exercising!

CrossFit Mt. Lebanon

Crossfit Mt. Lebanon Pittsburgh

Drop by CrossFit Mt. Lebanon for 9,000 square feet of CrossFit craziness. Coach/owner Kevin Beamon returned to Lebo from Miami to create a functional fitness playground unlike other “gyms” in the area. The only machines you’ll find in this place are the athletes that put in overtime on a WOD, and the instructors that run the show. Elite athletes are born from elite teachers. And CrossFit Mt. Lebanon has top-notch coaches, including a Marine and a Games competitor, who can take you to the next level.

CrossFit Washington

CrossFit Washington Pittsburgh

CrossFit Washington, formerly CrossFit Invigorate, is a box dedicated to CrossFit and its community. Down in WashPA, they’ve grown into an all-in-one haven for CrossFitters of all levels. With boxes, bars, and benches, this warehouse-style gym matches simplicity with intensity. No distractions. Just the scientifically proven moves and methodology to take you to the next level of fit.

CrossFit South Hills

CrossFit South Hills

Founded in 2010, it’s the first CrossFit gym to creep into the South Hills. That means they have proven experience in bringing out your very best. The community of CrossFit South Hills comes from different walks of life, differing ability levels, and different goals for their health. That’s not a problem. Competitors and former couch potatoes alike come to CFSH to flip tires, push sleds, and lift themselves to confidence of the body and mind.

Crossfit St. Clair

CrossFit St. Clair

St. Clair Fitness & Racquet Club is home to Crossfit St. Clair, a program designed to baptize you in 10 different fitness domains. Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, and more! Even better, their team is now offering Crossfit training for entire teams. Your Crossfit membership also grants you access to the entire facility, including kettlebell, boxing, and racquetball.

CrossFit Mayview

CrossFit Mayview

The CrossFit Games have come to Bridgeville. Well, so it may seem. At CrossFit Mayview’s top-of-the-line box, you’ll see the same equipment, same instruction, and same elite competitors that you see on TV. From kids to newbies to CrossFit Games hopefuls, the community in Mayview is determined to go beyond “in-shape”. Instead, they’ll teach you to go longer, work harder, and give more!

MET Performance Lab – CrossFit MPL

Behind Urban Tap on Bingham Street, you’ll find this CrossFit box. Once you’re inside, you’ll find everything you need to step-up your workout game. MET Performance Lab believes that to change your lifestyle for the better, becoming healthy should be fun. This high-ceilinged fitness loft has everything you need to ‘be phenomenal’ – MET’s rallying cry. With a full-time cast of experienced coaches and former athletes, you’ll be immersed into a culture of health, goal conquering, and most importantly, making fitness fun.

CrossFit Pittsburgh

CrossFit Pittsburgh

You can thank CrossFit Pittsburgh for bringing the CrossFit craze to the Steel City. Their gym is one of the original affiliates. So you can imagine they know their way around a box. With multiple sessions per day, as well as team or partner WODs on Saturdays, this Larimer spot is versed in fitness and forged in steel.

Renegade Training – CrossFit Shadyside

CrossFit Shadyside

Located just off of Center Avenue on South Graham Street, CrossFit Shadyside bills itself as the elite fitness offering in Pittsburgh’s East End. And it’s hard to argue with that statement. Here, members are coached through training sessions that include elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity cardio. As a result, individuals of all ability levels are able to improve their technique while gaining overall fitness and conditioning.


Alpha Athletics – CrossFit 412

CrossFit 412 Pittsburgh

CrossFit can be intimidating. The intensity. The physical demands. Even the lingo (WOD. AMRAP…). Some people may have concerns that they won’t fit in. But at Alpha Athletics, they’re embracing your differences and bringing together a really fit family from all walks of life. Proudly operating out of Blawnox, this tight-knit crew runs together, jumps together, laughs together, and even complains together. It’s camaraderie that only CrossFit can build – and something everyone can get on board with.Six CrossFit”

Rising Six CrossFit

Rising Six Pittsburgh

 3,000 square feet of rogue racks, barbells, boxes, and enough open floor space for the whole team. That’s Rising Six Strength & Conditioning in Plum. And they want to empower you to rise up to be the athlete you were designed to be. Rising Six also uses Wodify performance tracking software, so you’ll be able to watch yourself shed some pounds, run a little faster, and put up some impressive numbers!

Arsenal Strength – CrossFit 1812

Arsenal Strength Pittsburgh

Arsenal Strength is aptly named. They have a full arsenal of programs and equipment for people serious about getting fit. First and foremost, they’re a CrossFit gym led by a cast of athletes and competitors. But that’s not all they have under the roof. They’re also home to Butler Street Barbell, strength training options, and Just Get Fit, a “lighter”, CrossFit style boot camp that’s perfect for new exercisers and old exercisers alike. Did we mention that they’re next to Hop Farm Brewery, and a stone’s throw from the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium? Make a day of it!

CrossFit Supernova

CrossFit Supernova

CrossFit Supernova exploded onto the scene in 2011. With their home base in Irwin, they’re on top of the CrossFit game. And have some of the best trainers around. Owner and coach Kevin Schmitt is a CrossFit Level-1 and Level-2 coach as well as a US Weightlifting coach. Take one of his barbell classes to learn your way around the weights, up your powerlifting, or improve your CrossFitting form. Whatever you choose to work with, Supernova can guide you on a path to full body transformation.

CrossFit Focus

CrossFit Focus PIttsburgh

CrossFit Focus in Robinson Twp believes that without focus, you’ll be held up, sat down, and put off track. Focus is what drives success in fitness and in life. And it’s what enables this community of fitness fanatics to support, encourage, and inspire fellow exercisers to overcome challenges and “live a larger life”. Are you focused? Find out every Saturday at 9, where the workout is FREE and open to anyone.