Where to WOD: 14 of The Best CrossFit Gyms in And Around Pittsburgh

Where to WOD: 14 of The Best CrossFit Gyms in And Around Pittsburgh

By now, we’ve all heard of CrossFit. And you’ve probably heard the phrase “workout of the day” (read: WOD) thrown around, too — you know, those crazy-intense workouts that CrossFitters will tell you all about as they rattle off acronyms, times, and weights that represent their performance.

Whether you’re thinking about testing the WOD waters or need to find an instructor who can get you ready for Regionals, we’ve scoured the Steel City to help you find the box that’s best for you.

  • CrossFit Alloy at Industrial Athletics

    Industrial Athletics CrossFit Alloy
    image via Industrial Athletics CrossFit Alloy | Facebook

    Industrial Athletics is the home of CrossFit Alloy — but there’s so much more to this Pennsylvania Ave. gym. With an emphasis on functional fitness and training for the unknown and unknowable, clients are exposed to powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, and whatever else owner Matthew Becker can throw at them. Plus, all workouts are scaled to meet your level of fitness, so you can hit the gym hard with a routine that’ll challenge personal strength and endurance.

  • Beyond Parallel Strength and FItness

    Beyond Parallel Strength Pittsburgh
    image via @Beyond Parallel Strength & Fitness | Facebook

    CrossFit Beyond Parallel is uncompromising and unrelenting in never settling. The coaches and community of this Cranberry scene pack a whole lot of action into each one-hour class. We’re talkin’ squats, deadlifts, presses, and pulls. Plus, the high-energy atmosphere will leave you feeling motivated to push that much harder until you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

  • R.A.W. Training

    R.A.W. Training Pittsburgh
    image via R.A.W. Training | Facebook

    Need a reason to believe in CrossFit? The experts at R.A.W. Training could go on all day. With hardcore programming scheduled around the clock, you won’t have any excuses for skipping out on your WOD. With a broad range of equipment at Wildwood Sports Complex, a staff with multiple sport and fitness specialties, and 42 acres of hills and trails in Gibsonia, R.A.W. invites you to realize the athlete within.

  • CrossFit Athletics

    CrossFit Athletics Pittsburgh
    image via @crossfitathletics_pgh | Instagram

    CrossFit Athletics brings hard-hitting workouts and a tight-knit community to the South Side neighborhood. And wait ‘til you see the space. Tucked inside the AT&T Clock Tower, CFA’s massive facility is straight out of any fitness junkie’s dream. Plus with CrossFit, Foundations, Endurance, and Sport programs, you can customize your conditioning for a routine that’s centered around the results you’re after.

  • CrossFit Mt. Lebanon

    crossfit pittsburgh
    image via CrossFit Mt. Lebanon | Facebook

    Drop by CrossFit Mt. Lebanon for 9,000 square feet of the ultimate training space. Coach and owner Kevin Beamon returned to Lebo from Miami to create a functional fitness playground unlike other “gyms” in the area. The only machines you’ll find in this place are the athletes that put in overtime on a WOD and the instructors that run the show. Elite athletes are born from elite teachers. And CrossFit Mt. Lebanon has the top-notch coaches you’ll need to take your fitness game to the next level.

  • CrossFit South Hills

    CrossFit South Hills Pittsburgh
    image via @crossfitsouthhills | Instagram

    Discover your inner athlete at a gym that’s all about delivering results through personal growth and community support. Here, competitors and former couch potatoes alike come together to flip tires, push sleds, and lift themselves to confidence of the body and mind. From complete beginner to elite bodybuilder, the killer coaches at CrossFit South Hills will help you redefine what’s possible so you can cultivate strength, build endurance, and achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

  • CrossFit Mayview

    Crossfit Mayview Pittsburgh
    image via @dinsmorej | Instagram

    The CrossFit Games have come to Bridgeville. Well, so it may seem. At CrossFit Mayview’s top-of-the-line box, you’ll see the same equipment, same instruction, and same elite competitors that you see on TV. From kids to newbies to CrossFit Games hopefuls, the community in Mayview is determined to go beyond “in-shape”. Instead, they’ll teach you to go longer, work harder, and push further.

  • MET Performance Lab - CrossFit MPL

    MET. Performance Lab Pittsburgh
    image via MET. Performance Lab | Facebook

    Stay healthy, have fun — that’s what MET Performance Lab is all about. Set up in the heart of South Side, this box is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Spacious rooms, high ceilings, full courtyard — they’ve got plenty of room to WOD. And with a full-time cast of experienced coaches and former athletes, you’ll be immersed into a culture that inspires you to be phenomenal each time you hit the floor.

  • CrossFit Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Crossfit
    image via CrossFit Pittsburgh | Facebook

    You can thank this East End box for bringing the CrossFit craze to the Steel City. With over a decade of experience, CrossFit Pittsburgh is one of the original affiliates of the now popular fitness fad. So you can imagine they know their way around a gym. Hosting multiple sessions per day, as well as team or partner WODs on Saturdays, this Larimer spot is well-versed in high-intensity training that’s forged in steel.

  • Renegade Training

    Renegade Training Pittsburgh
    image via Renegade Training-CrossFit | Facebook

    Just off of Center Ave. on South Graham St., Renegade Training is here to help you lift, sweat, and burn to the best of your ability. Here, members are coached through training sessions that include elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and high-intensity cardio. Whether you’re going for CrossFit Lite or opting to Hustle @ Home, Renegade offers dynamic routines so you can improve technique while gaining overall fitness and conditioning.

  • Alpha Athletics - CrossFit 412

    Alpha Athletics 412
    image via Alpha Athletics | Facebook

    CrossFit can be intimidating. The intensity. The physical demands. Even the lingo (what’s AMRAP, anyway?). But Alpha Athletics is embracing those differences to cultivate a fit fam from all walks of life. Proudly operating out of Blawnox, this tight-knit crew runs together, jumps together, laughs together, even succeeds together. And with an entire team to hold you accountable, you’re guaranteed go harder during your next blood-pumping sweat sesh.

  • Arsenal Strength - CrossFit 1812

    Arsenal Strength Pittsburgh
    image via Arsenal Strength | Facebook

    Arsenal Strength is aptly named because they’ve got a full arsenal of programs and equipment for any yinzer serious about getting fit. First and foremost, they’re a CrossFit gym led by some of the best athletes and competitors that PGH has to offer. But it gets better — this Lawrenceville box is also home to barbell courses, strength-training options, and Just Get Fit (a “lighter”, CrossFit-style bootcamp that’s perfect for newbies and seasoned pros alike).

  • CrossFit Supernova

    CrossFit Supernova Pittsburgh
    image via @crossfitsupernova | Instagram

    CrossFit Supernova exploded onto the scene in 2011, and they’ve been on top of the CrossFit game every since. With a home base in Irwin, this box has some of the best trainers around. Owner and coach Kevin Schmitt is a CrossFit Level-1 and Level-2 coach as well as a US Weightlifting coach. Take one of his barbell classes to learn your way around the weights, up your powerlifting, or improve your CrossFitting form. Whatever you choose to work with, Supernova can guide you on a path to full-body transformation.

  • T2 CrossFit

    T2 CrossFit Pittsburgh
    image via T2 CrossFit | Facebook

    If you’re looking to get fit fast, T2 CrossFit has your back. But here, you don’t have to push yourself to the edge to get in a good workout. With scalable programs that target your fitness level, you’ll get all the benefits of an intense sweat sesh without risking injury. And they’ll help you incorporate everyday movements into high-energy routines to improve your strength, stability and range of motion like never before.


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