You Won’t Need Any Clothes for this PGH Race

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You Won’t Need Any Clothes for this PGH Race

You’re walking down the street and as you look off into the distance, you see a mob of people running…in their underwear. No, it’s not a mirage. N0, you’re not dreaming! It’s Cupid’s Undie Run!

This ever-popular race takes place on Valentine’s weekend, and is sure to turn a head or two. Hundreds of runners don their best knickers and take to the streets in the middle of winter to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF.)

cupid undie run pittsburgh

But why, you may ask, do participants run in their underwear? Simply put, people with NF can’t just feel more comfortable or ease their pain by just covering up with some clothes, so why should we?

If you’re looking to have fun, help a good cause, and get some cardio all at the same time, then the Undie Run is definitely the run for you. The event is only a short one-mile fun run at your own pace, followed by a party with an open bar to celebrate! You can sign up as a team with your friends, join a team, or run solo. Whatever floats your boat.

And if running in boxers and briefs isn’t exactly your style, then no worries. Just show up and have fun in the garb that makes you the most comfortable.