Introducing The EVEN Hotel, Downtown Pittsburgh’s Newest Health-Focused Stay

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Introducing The EVEN Hotel, Downtown Pittsburgh’s Newest Health-Focused Stay

Going for a full-blown vacation from work, low-key staycation from your responsibilities, or just need a spot to house your fit friends coming to town? It’s a dilemma, and having a healthy stay is all dependent on the set-up, the environment, and the neighborhood. Often, that means limited foods, small rooms, and subpar gyms—sometimes even fewer options than that—during time away from home.

Well, no longer. Because EVEN Hotel is changing the game with a high-end, fitness-friendly setup. And soon, they’re bringing all that health-focused goodness to Pittsburgh’s Downtown area. So, whether you’re just getting into town or can’t wait to get out of your house, book a room in the former Kaufmann’s building on Fifth Ave. for a few days of fun, fitness, and relaxation.

Meet your new health-based sanctuary

At EVEN, your wellness is top priority. And we’re not talking kinda-sorta healthy here. In fact, you can say goodbye to your traditional continental breakfasts, which often leave a lot to be desired in the nutrition department.

Their food and beverage options put your well-being first, without compromising taste. Head to the Cork and Kale restaurant for grab-and-go smoothies, customizable wraps, and yes, organic cocktails. Need we say more?

Stay healthy, happy, and fit

In-room fitness zones? Music to our ears. That’s right, folks — you can get your heart rate up during an intensive workout video just seconds after rolling out of bed. But if you’re lookin’ for state-of-the-art equipment to get your muscles moving, they’ve got that, too. Visit the 24-hour gym for a top-notch selection of free weights, cardio machines, and group fitness activities that optimize calorie burn.

Don’t stress about falling short on sleep after a long, active day either. EVEN’s Beautyrest mattresses are decked out with natural eucalyptus linens that’ll put your body at ease. Plus, with spa-inspired showers, you’ll get rest and relaxation all before the AM ends. When it comes to giving yourself a little mental and physical break, there’s now no better place in PGH.

Room availability begins January 7, 2019. But you can book your EVEN getaway now to ensure you’ll start the new year in your best shape yet. And after a full mind-body experience like this one, you may never want to check back into the real world again.