12 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Pittsburgh’s Health & Fitness Scene

12 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Pittsburgh’s Health & Fitness Scene

Pittsburgh’s nickname is the Steel City, which doesn’t exactly make you immediately think, “I bet that place has a happenin’ health and fitness scene”. But boy, would you be wrong.

Don’t worry — we still have hot dogs with all the fixin’s and sandwiches with fries, but the health and fitness mindset has taken over our brains (and our bodies), and we’re here to compete with the best of them.

There’s plenty of reasons to consider the fitness community in Pittsburgh one of leaders when it comes to good-for-you eats and killer workouts — and we could be partial. But then you gotta ask yourself — would Fittsburgh call PGH home if it wasn’t?

  • Trails on trails

    pittsburgh best parks

    Whether you’re a lone trailblazer or getting your heart rate climbing with one of our running clubs, we’ve got a trail for every type of runner. And ours will take you past scenic views, along riverfronts, through parks, over bridges, and up steps. It doesn’t matter if you’re cruising the Eliza Furnace loop (aka the “Jail Trail”) through downtown or conquering the Great Allegheny Passage Trail starting in the South Side (pay attention: you may end up in Maryland), you’re never going to get tired of running past the scenery along any of our routes.

  • We’ve got all the hills

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    We don’t know what a flat road is. We’ve got hills that have been ranked among the steepest in the United States and are sure to turn up the burn in your thighs. We’re so proud of our steep grades (that range from 20-37%) that we’ve even created an annual Dirty Dozen Bike Race that takes ambitious cyclists up the 13 steepest hills in the city, ranging from ¼ to a mile in length. But whether you’re tackling the Dirty Dozen or just taking a walk through the neighborhood, anytime you take a step outside your door, you’re going to be met with a hill (or two) that will get your blood pumping.

  • Forget one river, we’ve got three

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    Craving some water access? Pittsburgh has not one, but three different rivers to help get you off your feet and onto the water. It doesn’t matter if you’re into kayaking, rowing, SUP, boating, or just hanging out by the water, we’ve got plenty of spots that are just what you’re looking for. Fitt Tip: If you want an awesome view of downtown and Heinz Field, paddle (or walk) over to Point State Park and hang out where the Allegheny, the Monongahela, and the Ohio rivers meet.

  • We’re all about positive body image

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    Here in Pittsburgh, we’re all about inclusion and embracing the true you. And our Underwear Bike Ride and annual Cupid’s Undie Run will help you do just that. Whether you’re biking through Lawrenceville or running in the cold (the Undie Run is held in February, brr), both of these fun and confidence-boosting activities will leave you feeling totally positive. And you’re going to feel even better knowing that proceeds from the Cupid’s Undie Run go toward helping find a cure for neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects children.

  • Races that will take you places

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    Every city has their own list of races, and so do we. The difference? Ours will take you through the center of the city, to the climbing gym, over some awesome bridges, and across home plate at PNC Park (where the Pirates sometimes play). That’s right — our Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Run Home gives running-lovers across the city the chance to rush the field and be right where all the magic happens. We can’t think of a better reason to lace up your running shoes and start pounding the pavement.

  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously

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    Everything in moderation, right? Yeah, we think it’s a great mantra, too. That’s why we’ve got tons of fitness activities that are going to help you get in a workout while having fun, too. Whether we’re running for donuts at Pittsburgh’s annual Donut Dash race or bending for brews at East End Brewing Company’s Beer Belly Yoga class, it’s all about work hard, play hard.

  • Yoga that’s taking over

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    We’ve got yoga studios in just about every neighborhood in the city helping yinzers bend and breathe toward a healthier mind and body. We’ve got all the classics—Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin, and Ashtanga—plus a few diverse classes to mix things up. Think: Bunny Yoga or Black Yoga. But if you still need MORE YOGA, we’ve got just the thing. Our annual Yoga Expo brings all of the city’s yogis together in one place to celebrate mindfulness and wellness.

  • We’re the outdoorsy type

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    Outdoor weekend adventure, anyone? Travel anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes outside the city and you’ve made it to your next camping, whitewater rafting, outdoor climbing, skiing, or hiking spot. Whether you’re tent (or hammock) is well broken in or you’re still getting familiar with this whole “roughing it” thing, we’ve got something for you to do outdoors all year long.

  • We’re pedal pushers

    pittsburgh cycling studios

    We like to think of Pittsburgh as a biker’s paradise. With more cycling studios than we can keep track of and biking trails (and yes, the urban bike lanes) that will take you through just about every neighborhood and park in the city, it’s no surprise biking culture has taken over the Steel City. Don’t want to go solo? We’ve even got biking clubs that will be with you for every spin of your wheels.

  • Pressed juice for days

    pgh juice bars

    It seems like every other week a new juice spot opens in the Burgh, and we’re not mad about it. With companies like Salúd Juicery touting four locations (with one coming soon), no matter what neighborhood you’re in, chances are, you’ll be able to score your favorite bottle of fresh-pressed healthy goodness.

  • We’re all about giving back

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    Getting in the gym for an endorphin-boosting sweat session sure feels good, but you know what feels even better? When you’re sweating it out for a cause. We never shy away from the chance to combine fitness and philanthropy. That’s why we give back any chance we get. Whether you’re Racing to Anyplace for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or running and walking for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, investing in your community is what it’s all about.

  • We’re a liiiittle sports crazy

    pittsburgh sports events

    We’re home to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. Ever heard of ’em? Yeah, we thought you might have. We’re in the business of collecting Stanley Cups and it’s a fact yinzers don’t want you to soon forget. If we’re not bragging about the Penguins, you can bet that there’s more than one conversation being had about the Steelers or Pirates. Sports. They’re kind of our thing, and if you don’t see a Pittsburgh Sports League softball game or alley street hockey session in the summer, something’s wrong.