14 Ways to Workout For Free in Pittsburgh

14 Ways to Workout For Free in Pittsburgh

As fitness becomes trendy and this movement of, well, movement sweeps the nation, we’re noticing a worrisome trend: Absolutely no money in our wallets after working out. But we say no. There has to be a way to get our sweat on without being broke as a joke. Hint: there is.

Pittsburgh is practically bursting at the seams with ways to workout that won’t cost a thing. We’ve got free classes by the coal barge-load all over the city where you can run, yoga, cycle, and more. So, leave your wallet at home when you head for one of these workout groups and classes.


    Yoga in the Square | Pittsburgh
    image via The Natural Mystic Facebook

    We love Yoga in the Square. Each Sunday and Wednesday in the summer, we wake up knowing that we get to stretch out with hundreds of our friends in downtown’s Market Square. Led by Pittsburgh’s top yoga instructors, we get an hour of all-levels, Vinyasa-style yoga fo’ free. And when the Square gets coated in that grey slushy snow, we take things indoors to heat up the PPG Wintergarden.

  • Fleet Feet Flyers

    Fleet Feet Pittsburgh
    image via @fleetfeetpitt | Instagram

    This isn’t the first time we’ve raved about Fleet Feet Flyers Running Club. That’s because this isn’t their first time around the block. They’ve been helping runners train for years now, and the memberships are still free. Every Sunday morning, they host a group or themed run around the Burgh, as well as Wednesday evening track workouts that are open to the public. Ask to join their Facebook group so you’ll never miss a run.


    image via @OpenStreetsPGH

    The big (free) ticket for healthy activities in Pittsburgh has to be OpenStreetsPGH. (https://fitt.co/pittsburgh/open-streets-pittsburgh-map/) Multiple times during the summer months, they shut down downtown Pittsburgh streets through the North Side and West End for you to do… whatever. You can walk, bike, run, or rollerblade without looking twice for cars. Plus, you get a bunch of free fitness classes and programming that you can jump in on. The food, sadly, still costs money.

  • People Who Run Downtown

    pittsburgh running
    image via @pghrunningtours | Instagram

    People Who Run Downtown tell it how it is. They’re going to run, downtown, rain or shine. But they do more, too – like walk, talk, jog, and feast. They’re a FREE social club that just loves running. That’s why for 30 years they’ve welcomed everyone from the mall-walker to the marathoner to run their weekly route, which always starts at a different Pittsburgh restaurant. Still bring your wallet, though… because food.

  • Steel City Road Runners

    running events pgh
    image via Coach Suzanne | Instagram

    Track Tuesday… Thursday Night Group Run… Saturday Morning Training Run — if you want to become a better runner, you’ll be seeing a lot of the Steel City Road Runners. Three times per week, often in multiple locations around the city, SCRR hosts free runs with expert runners. It’s true, their yearly membership isn’t free. But honestly, you probably want to get in on this: $40 per year gets you race discounts, practically VIP treatment at the PGH Marathon, a dedicated team of coaches, and so much more.


    T2 CrossFit Pittsburgh
    image via T2 CrossFit | Facebook

    T2 will tell you this first: They want to build a supportive community of healthy athletes. And their free Community Class on Saturdays in Bridgeville sees “athletes” of all kinds — former athletes, CrossFit superstars, desk jockeys, and soccer moms. Everyone’s goal? Be a healthier, happier, stronger person one rep and one community WOD at a time.

  • Yoga On The House At Salt Power Yoga

    Salt Power Yoga Free Class in Pittsburgh
    image via Salt Power Yoga Facebook

    From the bottom of their hearts, Salt Power Yoga cares about the bottom of your pockets. Every Sunday, Salt offers Yoga on the House at 10am in Seven Fields and at 5pm in Sewickley. This free (and freeing) experience is a sweaty 60 minutes of heated power Vinyasa flow, led by the expert instruction of the Salt staff. Fitt Tip: The class is free and therefore, popular. Show up early to find a space for your mat.


    crossfit pittsburgh
    image via CrossFit Mt. Lebanon | Facebook

    Remember when your parents always pushed hard to make “family time” happen? Well your new family will certainly push you hard at a community gathering every Saturday morning at 9am. The free Community Class at Mt. Lebanon CrossFit is a group WOD designed to make you sweat, build some strength, and bring you and your fellow CrossFitters together.


    South Hills Power Yoga in Pittsburgh
    image via South Hills Power Yoga

    Usually a post-game to one of South Hills Power Yoga’s vigorous Vinyasa classes, the meditation offers you a chance to cool down and turn your brain off. Their free 30-minute meditation sessions feature blocks, props, bolsters (basically a yoga pillow), and blankets in a non-heated room. It’s the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding of both yoga and meditation techniques… and time to NOT think about work.


    Free Library Yoga in Pittsburgh
    image via Free PGH Yoga Facebook

    Engaging the community in learning is what the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh network is all about. So aside from offering about a million books to Pittsburghers, they regularly offer free yoga in their many libraries. Though, you won’t need any cash or valid library cards to get in on power yoga in Brookline, basics in East Liberty, and even a gentle meditation in West End. Don’t miss any of the free yoga in a library near you — stay up to date on their events page.


    Yoga Events in Pittsburgh
    image via @amazingyoga | Instagram

    This one depends on your definition of “free”. Amazing Yoga (in Shadyside, South Side, Wexford, and Lawrenceville) offers a unique deal for you. If you help out around the studio—check in guests, light cleaning duties, and prepare the studio for the next class—you get to take the class for free. That’s pretty solid if you ask us. Learn how you can get involved in the amazing Work Exchange program here.


    Steel City Roll | Biking in Pittsburgh
    image via Bike Pittsburgh Facebook

    When you ride a Steel City Roll, you keep your clothes on. That may be a good thing, considering they roll once per month all the way to November. Each first Monday of the month, this group of bicycling enthusiasts, leisurely riders, and first-timers gather in Market Square for a 9-14-mile jaunt through a different Pittsburgh neighborhood. Seeing the city from two wheels is something you just need to try.


    Pgh Underwear Bike Ride | Pittsburgh Biking
    image via Pgh Underwear Bike Ride Facebook

    Once a month during summer months (thank goodness), Pittsburgh bicyclists can strip down to their bloomers and ride around the Burgh. The Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride pedals for fun and promotes positive self-body image, frequently parading around Lawrenceville in their delicates. Oh, and it’s free (not even a fine from Pittsburgh’s finest!). Keep up to date on their Facebook page for the lowdown on their next ride.


    412 Flock
    image via 412 Flock | Facebook

    You certainly have your pick when it comes to finding a group to bike with in Pittsburgh. So just do it already! When you do, look for the flock. 412 Flock, that is. This local bike group meets at Dippy the Dinosaur (the gigantic brontosaurus in Oakland) for a monthly ride. Why ride with these guys? 1) the obvious — it’s free. 2) safety in numbers. 3) they bring music. 4) post-race after party. And watch their
    events page to see if there will be a theme for the ride.