Here’s What You Need to Know About PGH’s Bike Share

  • Joe Vennare
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Here’s What You Need to Know About PGH’s Bike Share
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Say hello to Healthy Ride, the most recent bike-friendly addition to Pittsburgh. This public bike share program puts a bicycle right at your fingertips. The concept is pretty simple. With more than 50 rental stations available in 11 neighborhoods, anyone can access a bike when they want one. Whether you’re looking to cruise around for 30 minutes or want to take unlimited rides over 30 days, Healthy Ride has you covered.

Of course we’re big fans of sharing in any form. But that doesn’t mean everyone is. We’ve heard all the naysayers complain about protected bike lanes and lost parking spots, traffic troubles and cyclists taking over the road. Of course we don’t expect you to be in love with the idea of a more bikeable Pittsburgh. Maybe you don’t know that bikes take up less space than cars, pollute less and are faster than cars during rush hour. Not to mention the fact that biking is an easy way to get a workout in. But, at minimum, we ask that you don’t knock bike sharing until you try it.

So when you’re ready to hop on a Healthy Ride for a spin, let this infographic be your guide to getting around town on your very own (rented) bike.

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