Run PGH With the Steel City Road Runners

Run PGH With the Steel City Road Runners
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Going for a run every once and awhile is no big deal.

But training for a race or running with any kind of consistency is next level. Especially if you’re trying to go it alone.

It sure would be nice to have a run buddy or an entire pack of Pittsburgh runners to help keep you running strong.

  • Run for it

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    Offering weekly training runs with different challenges like hills, speed work, and longer distances, the SCRR have something for every runner.

    These training runs are lead by ambassadors for the club who are there to make you feel welcome and help you find your pace group. Yeah, there’s pace groups for individuals of varied ability levels so everyone feels right at home during the run.

    Plus, when you’re not training, members like to keep in touch during the week through a private Facebook group and use it to ask running questions, find running buddies when they can’t make regularly scheduled runs, and share running and racing tips.

    Trust us, if you run with this crew, you’ll be a Runner of Steel in no time.

  • Consider it done

    image via steel city road runners

    Well, it’s time you met the Steel City Road Runners.

    SCRR is the largest running club in Pittsburgh, connecting you to other runners and countless resources that will make your training fun and effective.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a walker turned first time runner, or an avid runner seeking to score a PR, the crew from SCRR makes sure you have everything you need to crush your run-related goals.