OpenStreetsPGH is Back With Longer Routes & Even More Car-Free Fun

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OpenStreetsPGH is Back With Longer Routes & Even More Car-Free Fun

Imagine dozens of busy streets around Pittsburgh with no cars on them. Now, picture people in the streets doing anything from running and walking to biking and dancing. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

This is actually exactly what OpenStreetsPGH is like. And it’s celebrating its fifth year bringing a summer of car-free outdoor fun to the Burgh.

  • It's Baaack!

    open streets pittsburgh

    We’re stoked because Pittsburgh is, yet again, one of the now 100 cities in North America participating in the Open Streets Project. Presented by UPMC Health Plan, this street celebration is something you need to get acquainted with. In short, on the last Saturday in May and the last Sundays of June and July, some of the city’s busiest streets will be closed to vehicle traffic and open to people.

    Last year’s OpenStreetsPGH events were amazing. And now, they’re back for more fun on May 25, June 30, and July 28. You can run, walk, bike, rollerblade, dance, or move however you like from 9am–1pm. It’s like a dream come true for anyone who has ever had a street hockey game interrupted. “Car!”

  • Get Moving

    Want to do more than just mosey around? OpenStreetsPGH hosts free group classes during at different hubs along the route. So, you can practice yoga or even learn to salsa right on the city’s streets.

    It’s also a great opportunity to see Pittsburgh in a new way and check out new-to-you neighborhoods. We love popping into local businesses along the routes to refuel.

  • All new routes

    Spring Biking in Pittsburgh
    image via image via Open Streets PGH

    If you’ve never experienced OpenStreets before, May’s event is a good place to start — it’s the longest OpenStreetsPGH route ever! Forming a 4.4-mile loop, you’ll have room to roam through Homewood, Larimer, East Liberty, Shadyside, and North Point Breeze.

    And speaking of routes, OpenStreetsPGH has extended the route for the June event as well for you to explore Downtown Pittsburgh, The Strip, and Lawrenceville. You’ll start things off in Market Square, make your way down Penn Aven., and land on 52nd St. at the finish (conveniently situated right near B52 Cafe, so make sure you stop in for a refuel).

    While you’ll have to wait for the last event in July to try out the last four-mile OpenStreetsPGH route, it’ll definitely be worth it. Get ready to visit the Uptown, wind through the curving Armstrong Tunnels, and land over on the South Side… where you’ve probably walked in the street before.

    One thing’s for sure: No matter which route you take, OpenStreets is the perfect place to experience Pittsburgh in a whole new way. We can’t wait to get out there. Now, we just need the weather to cooperate. Fingers crossed!