Coming Soon: Orangetheory Fitness is Setting up Shop in South Hills Village

Coming Soon: Orangetheory Fitness is Setting up Shop in South Hills Village

Do you know your fitness acronyms? Words like HIIT and EPOC are part of the daily fitness vocabulary. And now, there’s another acronym to add to the top of your list: OTF.

That’s Orangetheory Fitness

At Orangetheory Fitness, it’s is all about staying in the orange. The heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout studio is designed to keep you in a target heart-rate zone: the orange zone, or in OTF terms, “the afterburn.”

Each studio has treadmills, bikes, striders, rowing machines, free weights, benches, and suspension units so you maximize your fitness level. During the hour-long class, an OTF coach will be there to encourage you and crank the tunes. One of the more popular classes features 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of weights, and 20 minutes on the rowing machine — all at an intensity you probably wouldn’t hit by yourself.

A TV screen displays the heart-rate zone of each class participant and the color of that zone. A Level 4 is orange. A Level 5, the top level, is red. But while red will surely have you puffing like a bellows by the end, orange is where it’s at, team!

Coming to the South Hills

With existing locations in the East End, Robinson, and Wexford, Pittsburgh is no stranger to OTF. But now, the South Hills is getting in on the action.

Later this year, you’ll be able to get your workout on inside South Hills Village mall. The plan is for OTF to set up shop in the upper level near Dick’s Sporting Goods.

While an official opening date is TBD, stay tuned to Fitt — we’ll bring you all the details just as soon as they’re announced.