Finish This PGH 5K by Running Across Home Plate at PNC Park

Finish This PGH 5K by Running Across Home Plate at PNC Park

Running a 5K is a ton of fun. There’s no doubt about it.

Okay, there’s a little bit of doubt. Mainly around the running part. Gets ya every time. So then why the heck does anyone run one of these things?

Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy running. Besides the fact that it’s exercise, and exercise is good for us, getting out there to compete with a massive community of runners is pretty inspiring. Of course if you’d call yourself a runner, you already know this.

Well then, this goes out to all of our non-runner friends: If you’ve never taken on a 5K, you should definitely give it a try. We think you’ll be presently surprised.

But regardless of which group you fall into – the runner lover, or first timer – you’re going to want to pay attention to this next part…

Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Run Home


If you’re thinking about signing up for another 5K, or rocking your first run, you’re going to want to put this one on your list. As that bolded headline up there hints at, it’s called the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Run Home. And there are a couple things you need to take note of:

For one, there is running. So, yeah. You’re going to have get a move on. Even if you walk. That counts too! Plus there’s a one mile Family Fun Run. Round up the troops, and let them run off some energy.


Because, and this is the really good stuff, everyone who signs up, shows up and finishes the race get a free ticket to a Pirates game AND you get to run on the field at PNC Park!

Heck yes!


We’re not even going to try and hide our excitement. That’s pretty sweet.

Let’s take a second to make sure you got all of that. You get to run around with your friends, break a sweat, cross home plate a PNC Park and get a free ticket to a Pirates game?

Yeah! That’s crazy, right? Plus, there’s a post race party on Federal Street. This just keep getting better. Now, all you have to do is sign up now to claim your spot.

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