Now Open: Plate & Bowl Brings Healthy Eats to Highland Park

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Now Open: Plate & Bowl Brings Healthy Eats to Highland Park

Stand on the corner of Bryant Street mid-afternoon and it’ll be hard to determine the source of the garlicky aroma. Home to Highland Park’s best eats, you might have to flip a coin to pick your next meal on this street.

But know this: there’s a new joint in town and it’s filling its plates and bowls with amazing, healthy bites.

  • Let’s talk about the food

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    Under the same ownership of Smiling Banana Leaf, Plate & Bowl offers a unique twist on American fare by adding an Asian infusion. The Buddha Bowls draw us in, a meal-in-a-bowl which features a meat, grain, and vegetable. Oh, and a pickled something (the folks at P&B love fermented… and you will too).

    They even have a Pittsburgh Bowl filled with any yinzer’s favorites: pierogi, kielbase, and sauerkraut. If bowls aren’t your style, they offer plate and bun dishes as well. And there is always something available for our vegan and vegetarian friends.

    Plate & Bowl sources locally and keep a sustainable kitchen, so menu items might change with the seasons. And if you’re lucky, the chef may have some special add-ons. You never know when he went out to forage.

    Head downstairs to the café for a coffee, juice, to listen to music, or hang with friends. Juices and smoothies are created with a medley of fresh ingredients pressed on-site. Whether you are craving a Sexy Citrus or Habañero Blues, these juices will certainly wake up your taste buds.

    Stop by to check out a place that will soon become a Highland Park staple.