Get to MÜV Integrated to Redefine Your Workout

Get to MÜV Integrated to Redefine Your Workout

There’s moving and then there’s MÜVing.

Not following? We’ll explain. If you exercise, you’re probably moving (if not, what the heck are you doing?). Maybe you hit a little cardio over here, some strength training from time to time, and just skipping out on stretching.

image via muv integrated fitness Facebook

Well, that’s not how they do things at MÜV Integrated Physical Culture in Garfield. Jhonphilipp Yonan, the owner and MÜV-ment master, has created a fitness experience unlike anything you’ve tried before. Bringing a whole-body approach to exercise, MÜV’s top-notch team of coaches will team you to “move intelligently,” improving balance, mobility, strength, and power.

How’s that, you ask? Small classes and private session feature everything from bodyweight and gymnastics to kettlebells, suspension training, and Indian Clubs. Combine that with MÜV’s stellar community and supportive vibe, and you’ll be MÜVing in not time.