Unplug With The Help of The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel’s Digital Detox Getaway

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Unplug With The Help of The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel’s Digital Detox Getaway

Today’s technology obsession is no joke. And it’s easy to overlook how device dependent society’s become until we’re caught refreshing our feeds every five minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with a little Instagram love (where else are you gonna get that #fitspo?). But after hours of social saturation, your brain may start lookin’ for some time off the grid.

Want to experience PGH without the digital distractions? The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is here to hook you up.

  • Cut the cord on your addiction

    Renaissance Pittsburgh
    image via @renpgh | Instagram

    Two words: digital detox. Head to the Renaissance for an overnight escape that’ll hit the reset button in more ways than one. Trade in your screens and prepare for 24 hours without hashtags, Google searches, or Netflix streaming (that episode of Stranger Things can wait).

    But their Digital Detox Getaway package goes beyond simply locking down your personal devices. Get ready to go full-on old school because the staff’s removing your room’s TV and iPod docking station, too. Trust us, you won’t miss ‘em.

  • Power down and discover PGH

    Renaissance Pittsburgh
    image via @wildbillpgh | Instagram

    See, the Renaissance isn’t out to ruin your weekend. Just the opposite. You’ll connect to your surroundings without the divided attention span for a whole new perspective on the city. Use your complimentary kayak vouchers to hit the three rivers on the house. An active afternoon with a scenic downtown view? We’re all about it.

    And if you’re not up for an aquatic adventure, no worries. The Renaissance also provides passes for other activities, like biking, for more ways to explore beyond your iPhone screen.

    Itching to capture the moment? The hotel’s got you covered there, too. Rent an instant camera before you set out to catch all the action on classic Polaroid film.

  • Unplug and unwind

    Renaissance Hotel Pittsburgh
    image via http://www.renaissancepittsburghpa.com/

    Even locals born and bred in the Burgh can benefit from this one-of-a-kind experience. Escape the day-to-day grind with an overnight stay in a space with some serious luxury vibes.

    And until May 15, you can nominate yourself to win that high-end experience. The Digital Detox Getaway offers you the chance to unplug and unwind for an evening in a Deluxe King Riverside room and breakfast for two (Smoked Salmon, anyone?) free of charge.

    After a night that relaxing, you may feel tempted to leave your phone at the front desk forever. Get ready to power down and discover the #unfiltered side of PGH. You won’t be disappointed.