Moonlight Mondays: Start Your Week With a Rooftop Flow at Hotel Monaco

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Moonlight Mondays: Start Your Week With a Rooftop Flow at Hotel Monaco

Let’s face it — Mondays can be tough. Coming down from that weekend high ain’t easy. And with a fresh to-do list, the overwhelming feeling of stress often settles in fast.

Looking for something that’ll remedy those Monday blues? We recommend endorphins. Luckily, Inhale Pittsburgh has what you need to start the week off strong — a mood-boosting flow at one of the trendiest spots in the Burgh: Hotel Monaco.

Take your practice to the next level

Rooftop bars? Pittsburgh has plenty. But what about rooftop yoga? That’s what the Moonlight Monday series is all about. Take your practice nine floors up to turn your perspective on its head. And with Inhale Pittsburgh’s rotating, top-quality instructors leading this totally one-of-a-kind Vinyasa experience, you’re in for a BYOM, all-levels class that’ll loosen up those tight spots in no time.

And the chill atmosphere is sure to relax any remaining tension from your nine-to-five. Because here, you’ll find scenic string lights draped over a patio that opens to a view of Downtown Pittsburgh. We’re feelin’ zen just thinking about it. Plus, the one-hour flow starts at 6:30pm. Meaning a soft evening light sets the perfect mood for any yogis hoping to find inner peace.

Good vibes all around

Knowing the fickle Pittsburgh weather, it’s safe to assume we’re gonna endure a few dreary Mondays. Don’t sweat it. The class moves inside on cold, wet days for a candlelight practice with all the same energy (but none of that signature Pittsburgh rain).

Just wait; Your Monday gets even better. After a rejuvenating session, you’re gonna want to keep those good vibes going. The Commoner has the hookup. Head down to the hotel bar for your free house beer or glass of wine (nothing more relaxing than that), included in the entry fee.

Hotel guests and studio members practice on the house. But if you’re just lookin’ for a drop-in class to get that energy moving (for just $17), Inhale has your back. Register online to save your spot for this feel-good flow. Then, join the yoga community in setting the tone for the week to come. When it comes to surviving Monday, a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way.

Event Details

What: Moonlight Monday Yoga Series

Where: Hotel Monaco

When: Mondays | 6:30pm–7:30pm

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