Run this PGH Race to Cure Your Cabin Fever

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Run this PGH Race to Cure Your Cabin Fever

After months of suffering through Pittsburgh’s winter weather and being cooped up working out inside, chances are you’re itching to hit the streets to get some much-needed exercise outdoors.

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Say farewell to the treadmill and hello to the spring season by partaking in the ever-popular Spring Thaw run. Beginning as the original Pittsburgh marathon, the Spring Thaw has been enjoyed by runners for decades. This PGH race is perfect for anyone hoping to rack up some miles before the approaching Pittsburgh marathon, or simply for runners looking to revel in the fresh air.

The Spring Thaw features 10-mile, 15-mile, and 20-mile events, and takes runners through Pittsburgh’s beautiful North Park. And afterward you can stick around for awards, a soup buffet, pizza, hot chocolate, and other festivities!

So fill your senses with the awakening outdoors, heat up the pavement and leave winter in your dust.