Coming Soon: Salúd Juicery is Setting up Shop in Oakland, Lawrenceville, & Aspinwall

Coming Soon: Salúd Juicery is Setting up Shop in Oakland, Lawrenceville, & Aspinwall

If you live in Sewickley or Shadyside, you’ve had the luxury of sharing the neighborhood with Salúd Juicery. This smoothie and juice bar has been getting more and more yinzers to hop on the health and wellness train by treating their tummies to a full array of fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, health shots, and medicinal and espresso hot drinks.

Full disclosure: We’ve been super jealous.

But Salúd isn’t just concerned with getting locals to think about the foods they’re putting in their bodies, they’re also passionate about spreading the health. That’s why we’ve got three reasons to be totally stoked on what Salúd’s got in store.

  • Drink, sip, scoop, and shoot

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    Getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies just got a whole lot easier, well… at least if you happen to call Oakland, Aspinwall, or Lawrenceville home. Oh yeah, Salúd Juicery just upped the ante(oxidants?) with two new full-service shops and its first permanent pop-up, Salúd Express, housed inside Elevate Fusion Fitness.

    Fresh off a workout and got one of Salúd’s classic concoctions, like their The Beet Goes On juice, on the mind? Salúd Express has just the thing to curb your craving. With a streamlined menu featuring some of their most popular (and healthy) options, the micro juice bar is here to keep your snacking in check and help you refuel.

    But if you’re feeling like you need the full spread, roll through any of Salúd’s latest additions in Oakland and Aspinwall (coming soon) for all the cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, smoothies, health shots, and medicinal drink options to replenish your mind and body. Chances are, you’re going to leave with something that you feel good about drinking (or eating) and will probably have a cool name, too. (Hello, Red Headed Irish.)

  • Get in on the action

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    image via @saludjuicery | Instagram

    Salúd is on the fast track and they’re showing no signs of slowing.

    With a soft opening already in the books in Oakland and Salúd Express fully operational with the recent launch of Elevate Fitness in Lawrenceville, residents are already reaping the benefits of having the health-minded juice slinger in their backyard.

    And let’s not forget who’s taking over Zen Juice’s old spot; Salúd’s new Aspinwall digs at 209 Commercial Avenue. The new location has no official opening date yet, but will share its home with a yoga, life coach, and wellness center. Once they bust open the doors, it’s going to be hard to go anywhere in Pittsburgh without a Salúd Juicery nearby.

    The only downfall? You may have a hard time deciding which location to check out first.