Salúd is Making Moves With Three New Juiceries in Penn State, Southpointe, & Sewickley

Salúd is Making Moves With Three New Juiceries in Penn State, Southpointe, & Sewickley

We’re all about the juice here at Fitt. We can’t get enough of the oozing-with-wellness, antioxidant-packed goodness — the greener the better! And no one is juicing their way into our healthy hearts quite like our friends over at Salúd Juicery.

That’s right. Salúd is spreading its fruit and veggie superfoods to even more spots around Pittsburgh and beyond this summer — some locations have already opened, while others are about to sprout!

Makin’ Moves

The first development doesn’t affect the city, but it’s big news all the same: Happy Valley just got a lot happier (not to mention healthier). With Memorial Day flags still a-wavin’, Salúd opened a new location right off of Penn State’s main drag, College Ave. (Ginger-Wheat shots all around!).

They gave a facelift to what used to be Frazier Street Deli, and boy, is it luxe — free WiFi for students looking to crush their work or scroll endless social feeds, trendy indoor and cozy outdoor seating, and they even have a partnership with the school. Salúd accepts Penn State id+ dining dollars in exchange for all those phytonutrients, while student-athletes can up their vitamin and mineral intake through a deal with the athletics department.

But if we’re talking local sips, you can always swing by the new location at Southpointe. Salúd franchised this brand spankin’ new express location—much like the set-up in Lawrenceville’s Elevate—to a husband-and-wife duo looking to remedy the virtual healthy food desert of Southpointe. They’re housed inside the gym FASTER, so now you can sweat out some toxins and sip up some antioxidants all in one place.

This goes hand-in-hand with one of Salúd’s core values: mind-body wellness. They want everyone to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And thanks to this new operation, we finally have a healthy lunch option in Southpointe, not to mention another place to caffeinate before we take on the day (or the dumbbells).

The Best Is Yet To Come

While these new locations have our heart rate elevated with excitement, there’s one more thing we think you should know. Salúd’s Sewickley flagship location is moving — now, you can’t miss its iconic spot if you’re biking down the main drag of Sewickley, Beaver St. Salúd is swapping locations with our sweet tooth’s arch nemesis, Village Candy.

With this switcharoo comes room to grow, allowing space to come together as a community. Sip your kale tonic at enormous wooden, communal tables with your FitFam and take it all in. The word that’ll surely come to mind is atmosphere — think faster order fulfillment, amped up educational opportunities for all, and maybe even a garage door to allow for chill indoor-outdoor vibes. Excited, we’ll see you for the tentative launch on August 16 — we guarantee it will be love at first (green) sip.