This Innovative New Fitness Studio is Set to Open Its Doors in Lawrenceville

This Innovative New Fitness Studio is Set to Open Its Doors in Lawrenceville

Left, right, left, right… If you think you’re a bad dancer, that will all change once you step on the VersaClimber and the lights go out.

Didn’t think it was a dancing class? Technically, it’s not, but we promise you’ll be groovin’ to some sweet tunes during this 30-minute total-body cardio class that will leave your heart pumping. Yeah, this devilish machine does a little more than your traditional StairMaster.

  • Climb your highest mountain

    pittsburgh gym
    image via Elevate

    You will first recognize this Lawrenceville gem by the beautiful mountain murals painted on the outside of the building by native Jeremy Raymer. These are pretty symbolic at Elevate, where the instructors want to help you climb your mountains (whatever they may be), both mentally and physically, during this gluteus-maximizing workout.

    The VersaClimber features lower-body stepping and upper-body climbing with adjustable resistance, and the feeling is unique (they don’t exist anywhere else in the Burgh.) The instructors will have you dancing, sprinting, and squatting. Oh, and there might be a little motivational roaring.

  • After the summit

    pittsburgh juicery
    image via @saludjuicery | Instagram

    After class, refresh at Salud Express in the main lobby. Yeah, it’s just like the one in Shadyside. And trust us — after class you’ll be dying for something cool. They will offer smoothies, health shots, cold-pressed juices, bowls, medicinal teas, and espresso drinks.

    New to the health bar scene? Salud Juicery owner Ginny Corbett will be offering juice cleanse information sessions in the near future!

  • Full steam ahead

    pittsburgh gym
    image via Elevate

    They’ve been putting the final touches on the space all through January, and you may have been lucky enough to score one of the soft-opening classes. And while they’re open for biz as of this writing, you won’t want to miss the grand opening on February 10th, it’s going to be jam-packed with classes, activities, and even a live DJ.

    The website is brand new, but you can also sign up for classes on their free app. And the fun doesn’t stop here.

    Elevate plans to open up the warehouse space with a full open gym, Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing classes. But at the heart of it, the Elevate family wants to create a community where anyone who’s willing to try something new will leave with a few new friends, an uplifted spirit, and a workout that you’ll be talking about (and maybe feel) for weeks to come.