12 PGH Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

12 PGH Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

Pittsburgh is already booming with new restaurants, an awesome arts scene, and some pretty wild sports fans. And now the fitness community is adding to that list. Indoor cycling studios are moving in.

And Pittsburgh’s doing cycling like it does everything else — with crazy tech, artistic design, and a whole lot of hard work. These butt-kicking classes are adding some variety and excitement to your tired workout routine.

So if you’re ready to ride, start your search for the right spin spot with these cycling studios in and around Pittsburgh.

  • Steel Revolution

    pittsburgh cycling studio
    image via Steel Revolution | Facebook

    Who needs a night out on the town when there’s a spin class at Steel Revolution? This Shadyside studio’s low blue lighting and techno jams amp up the atmosphere to get adrenaline pumping like never before. Their killer instructors nail the balance between pushing yourself and having a good time (there will be some woo-ing). Go with friends and party, or settle in, put your head down, and escape (for only $9, if you’re new!).

  • California Cycle Path

    California Cycle Path Pittsburgh
    image via California Cycle Path Pittsburgh

    Intimidated by spinning? Carve your own path to fit at California Cycle Path, featuring intimate cycling, Zumba, Yolates classes, and more. This Brighton Heights studio welcomes beginners, experts, and athletes of all levels to all classes, with workouts and instructors that will modify routines to fit your fitness level. Check out this studio for truly fun and inspiring workouts that will get you hooked on healthy living.

  • Urban Elements & Cycology

    Spin Classes in PGH
    image via Courtney Powell

    The relationship between cardio and strength training can be a bit complicated. But not at Urban Elements. This boutique North Shore studio offers spinning, yoga, and fusion classes that get back to the basics of fitness (or in this case, the elements). Feel your heart pump and your core engage on RealRyder bikes that dip and turn like you’re biking outdoors, then head to the hot yoga room for some Vinyasa-style strengthening and mind and body cleansing.

  • Mecka Fitness

    Healthy Living Pittsburgh | Spin Studios | Mecka Fitness
    image via @meckafitness

    When it comes to fitness, the journey is just as important as the destination. Mt. Lebanon’s Mecka agrees. “An emporium of light, sound and energy,” this indoor cycling studio boasts cutting edge-cycling tech and heart-pumping workout routines led by master certified instructors. And the Pittsburgh touch? A virtual ride displayed on a huge screen in the front of the studio. Bikers can feel like they’re outside on the trail, despite the gross Pittsburgh winter.

  • Psycle Fitness

    Healthy Living Pittsburgh | Spin Studios |Psycle
    image via Psycle Fitness

    Go from a regular group class to an amped-up athletic event during spin classes at Psycle. The studio’s stadium-style seating, low-lit floors, and spin class scoreboard psyche riders up for a fitness competition unlike any other. With workouts designed to fatigue multiple muscle groups for a slow and effective burn, this Warrendale gem will leave you hungry for your next spin-off (and the TRX classes are the cherry on top).

  • Club Cycle

    image via Club Cycle

    Club Cycle gives new meaning to a bicycle meant for two. Built in a nightclub environment, this boutique workout studio (in Bethel Park and Hopewell) is an awesome place to put the pedal to the metal, burn calories, and dance all night (or morning). Get in the zone beneath a giant disco ball and circling neon spotlights while you rock out to your favorite jams (spun by a live DJ. Yes, live!). And let’s put this to rest — your sweaty neighbor can’t top your “Push It” dance moves.

  • Cycletique

    image via Cycletique

    From free cycling shoes and fresh pressed juices to chilled towels and an on-site nutritionist, this studio (also in Bethel) is a cyclist’s dream. The Cycletique instructors know that the “normal” gym experience (you know — the judgement and monopolized machines) can be literally no fun at all. They’re here to change that (and we’ll warn you that they just might become your best friends in the process).

  • Local Motion

    Healthy Living Pittsburgh | Local Motion
    image via Local Motion

    This up-and-coming yoga and cycling go-to is made for Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh, by Pittsburghers (a.k.a. yinzers). Get a full-body workout with heated yoga flow or target specific muscles in a yoga arms and abs class. New to cycling AND yoga? Local Motion’s Waterfront studio has “New To” classes for beginners, focused specifically on how to do the little things right — because in Pittsburgh, no one gets left in the dust.

  • CycleBar

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    image via @cyclebar | Instagram

    CycleBar offers up a little something for every type with a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills and, luckily, they’ve set up shop in Robinson and the North Hills. Book your next cycling class in one of their CycleTheatres and be ready for two larger-than-life flatscreen TVs, personal data monitors, video, and killer lighting technology. If that’s not enough to get you jumping on a bike, their CycleStats, themed rides, and energetic instructors are also sure to impress.

  • Arsenal Strength & Cycle

    pittsburgh cycling studio
    image via @arsenalcyclepgh | Instagram

    As a popular Lawrenceville sweat spot/empire, Arsenal has really gone next-level with a state-of-the-art, boutique cycling studio right next door to their Butler Street HQ. At their new studio, you can expect top-of-the-line bikes, LEDs, speakers, and killer playlists. Their Keiser M3i dream machines, which record heart rate, RPMs, and watts, track your output on a big screen to encourage a little friendly competition and keep you motivated. A range of classes like the high-paced Bump & Grind and Just Get Fit boot camp are offered weekly Sunday through Saturday. Check out the schedule and hit the bike!


    cycling studios pittsburgh
    image via SWEAT PGH

    Upper St. Clair’s newest workout spot, Sweat PGH, is a one-stop shop for an awesome workout and a zenned out flow. Ride, move, and sculpt with cycling, yoga, and barre classes all under one roof. This South Hills studio is all about balancing your workout, challenging your body, and delivering results. Check out their class passes, packages, and memberships and get after that sweat. Or bounce over to the Whole Foods that’s within walking distance…

  • Coming Soon: Zenergy

    pittsburgh cycling studio
    image via Zenergy Cycling | Facebook

    Zenergy Cycling is sure to be popping up soon on Pittsburgh’s list of essential sweat spots with a new location opening in the East End at 6139 Spirit Sreet. Zenergy is all about (you guessed it) energy. So be ready for 45 minutes of non-stop movin’ and groovin’. The studio will offer classes that run from early morning through late in the evening, so you can work in a ride on even the busiest of days. Be on the lookout for the grand opening schedule on their website.