The Best Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Pittsburgh

The Best Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Pittsburgh

For years now, we’ve been scouring Pittsburgh to bring out the best vegetarian delights and vegan cuisine that’ll blow your meat-eating friends’ socks off. And with deep-rooted mainstays and some fresh, green newcomers, the Pittsburgh vegan scene is in a heck of a spot.

Ready for the next round of the Steel City’s vegan and vegetarian eats? Get ready, because the list has not stopped growing.

  • Adda Coffee & Tea House

    image via @sawissinger

    Looking for a cool, Insta-worthy spot in Shadyside? Adda is for you. You’ll find bagels topped with homemade vegan nutella, cream cheese, and pea puree (that’s right — move over avocado toast). Don’t believe us? Check out their clearly labeled vegan and vegetarian menu behind the counter. If you want the full tea experience, they offer Afternoon High Tea every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month. Fitt tip: they have great lighting for photos.

  • Condado Tacos

    Tacos in PGH
    image via Condado Tacos | Facebook

    In the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Condado Tacos has all your Taco Tuesday needs covered. And guess what? You can even build your own tacos. Look out for the vegan and vegetarian (and gluten-free) symbols on the menu for a quick and easy construction. Some of the protein options include Thai Chili Tofu, Roasted Portobellos, and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. See? It’s possible. Taco treats without the meat!

  • Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café

    Gluten Free Goat | Pittsburgh Bakeries
    image via Courtney Powell

    This is one healthy brunch spot in Bloomfield. How healthy you ask? They are 100% gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, oat-free, peanut-free, and vegetarian (mostly vegan). The Café Menu is always changing, but you can usually find their seasonally flavored drinks, donuts, turnovers and tartes on hand—almond milk cappuccino anyone? And if you’re in the mood for something savory, their Vegan BLT and Benedict are drop-dead delicious.

  • NatuRoll Creamery

    Vegan Creamery
    image via NatuRoll Creamery | Facebook

    Pittsburgh’s OG rolled ice cream, at your service (in Lawrenceville). It’s made with a Thai technique where the cream base is spread onto an ice pan, goodies of your choice are mixed in, and it’s carefully rolled into a cup with your name on it. The best part? They have vegan and dairy-free options. If you’re worried about cross-contamination, have no fear — they have clean stations at the end. Just ask!

  • Station

    Pgh Vegan
    image via Station

    Make your way to Station, where you can find the (possibly best) Vegan Sloppy Joe, a sandwich that could convert meat-lovers everywhere. You’ll find various vegetarian items mixed into the menu, too. Keep your eyes peeled for veggie tastings (think carrot jerky, dehydrated cherries, and house-made vinegar made out of grape Fanta).

  • Onion Maiden

    Vegan in PGH
    image via @vanessasong | Instagram

    Punk rock and plant-based. Onion Maiden is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with more than just kale (don’t worry — they still have kale). You’ll find vegan dawgs, nachos, curry, and more. Not to mention an always rotating (and always out of this world) brunch menu on Saturdays — keep an eye out for their social media updates for the latest line up. Can’t make it out to Allentown? Goodie drop-offs are at Artisan Cafe, Black Forge Coffee House, Lili Cafe, and Liliput Cafe.

  • honeygrow

    Vegan in Pittsburgh
    image via honeygrow | Facebook

    Welcome to Pittsburgh, honeygrow. Pittsburgh, say hello to healthy fast food, and modernized touch-screen ordering. Here, you can customize your meal or order right off the carefully curated menu. Vegan and gluten-free options are available, but be sure to let the staff know of any food allergies so they can swap out a fresh wok to avoid cross-contamination. And do yourself a favor and try the Red Coconut Curry with roasted spicey tofu — you can thank us later.

  • Sugar Spell Scoops

    Vegan Ice Cream
    image via Sugar Spell Scoops | Facebook

    We all scream for dairy-free, vegan ice cream. And while Sugar Spell Scoops’ cashew-based ice cream has been bouncing around the Burgh—their pints and chocolate wands can be found at events or locations in and around the Pittsburgh area—they’re set to open their first brick-and-mortar in Sharpsburg in 2018. They can even make custom Instagram-worthy unicorn cakes (gluten-free too)!

  • Smiling Banana Leaf

    Thai Vegan in Pittsburgh
    image via Lindsay K. | Yelp

    Do you love tasty, traditional Thai food? Us too. Try a little bit of everything with the small bites menu, with items like Tofu Paradise and fresh rolls (all the better to smother with sweet & sour sauce). Not sure if it’s vegan or vegetarian? Just ask! This Highland Park joint will give you the most up-to-date low-down on what you can and can’t eat.

  • D’s Six Pax & Dogz

    image via @stephaniemlevin | Instagram

    Pizza, dogs, and beer — so vegan, right? In the heart of Edgewood, D’s has a pub (also family-friendly) atmosphere with a surprising amount of veggie options. Pair a crisp Belgium with a vegetarian hoagie, or vegan Chicago-style dog. Did we mention they also do brunch? Put a fried egg on it! (we’re serious, it’s called the Brunch Dog).

  • Tupelo Honey Teas

    Tea in PGH
    image via Tupelo Honey Tea

    The hidden gem of Millvale, this tea company is serving up all vegetarian and mostly vegan fare. The menu changes almost daily, but some items are usually available — like the Brie and Pepper Jam Sandwich (you can also swap out the Brie for vegan cheese). Before you head out, be sure to check out their wall of tea and variety of blends. Interested in making your very own tea blend? They can do that too!

  • The Butterwood Bake Consortium

    The Butterwood Bake Consortium
    image via The Butterwood Bake Consortium | Facebook

    An organic dessert cafe with velvet vibes in Lawrenceville, this spot is serving up cake by the slice or custom, with vegan options galore. One of their latest creations? Rosewater Cardamom Baby Cakes with honey pistachio cream. An added bonus: they’re open late (we’re talking 11pm, folks).

  • Apteka

    Apteka Vegan in Pittsburgh
    image via Dana R. | Yelp

    From the team who brought you Pierogi Night comes this plant-based restaurant located at 4606 Penn Avenue. Apteka’s veggie-centric menu explores a mashup of culinary combinations from Pittsburgh and Central + Eastern Europe. Expect Polish food staples like their oh-so-popular pierogi, as well as borscht and stuffed cabbage, all made from scratch using plant and grain-based ingredients only.

  • Relish Co.

    Vegan in PGH
    image via @macyyu | Instagram

    Did someone say cheat day? We did! Spot Relish at pop-ups around the city, their bakery on Pearl Street in Bloomfield, or the occasional extragent donut drop-off. Treat yourself to some all-vegan fauxcciutto with sweet onion fig jam and dark greens on a fresh croissant, or spring for the chocolate roasted marshmallow donut (or whatever creative concoction they come up with next).

  • Reed & Co.

    Reed & Co | Healthy Living Pittsburgh

    This is affordable grab-and-go vegan food (and drink) at its finest. For instance, the Cold-Pressed Raw Juice (10oz) is only $6, and the Beyond Meat Burger goes for $10. PS: If you’re looking for a refresh, ask about the Alkaline Cleanse next time you’re in. Can’t make it over to Butler Street in Lawrenceville? Try Fast N Fresh Courier to get Reed & Co. delivered (via bicycle!) straight to your door — check their socials for the latest times.

  • Burgatory

    Burgers in PGH
    image via Chi E. | Yelp

    Burgers? Healthy? That’s right. Burgatory is now home to the infamous Impossible Burger (and another very notable vegan veggie burger). While the Impossible Burger is 100% plant-based, its toppings arrive vegetarian. Though, the white american cheese and roasted garlic mayo can easily be subbed for some vegan cheddar and mayo. And if you ask really nice, you can even sub the carb-loving bun for an iceberg lettuce wrap.

  • Square Cafe

    Vegan Brunch Pittsburgh
    image via @nics_vegan_journey | Instagram

    This neighborhood café brings the community together around fresh, local food. If you’re going all out, get their pumpkin-walnut pancakes – totally worth the splurge. But if you’re watching what you eat, there are all sorts of healthier selections to choose from. Take a look over the menu and you’ll find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The veggie omelet, gluten free pancakes, and vegan sausage highlight a menu packed with body-conscious grub. For many years now, Square has been bringing fresh, seasonal food to the table. And has no plans to stop.

  • B52

    B52 Cafe
    image via B52 Cafe | Facebook

    Make your way to 52nd block of Butler Street in Lawrenceville for vegan-friendly eats all day long. This cafe/restaurant/bakery concept serves up scratch-made meals and snacks for morning and mid-afternoon diners. The menu features vegan-friendly fare with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Come hungry because they’re also serving baked goods, vegan chocolate, espresso, and cold brew on tap. Oh, and a killer brunch on the weekend!

  • Colangelo’s Bakery & Café

    Vegan in PGH
    image via Colangelo’s Bakery & Café | Facebook

    Connected to La Prima Espresso Company in the Strip District, Colangelo’s is a slice of heaven. A traditional Italian menu stacked with clearly labeled ‘vegetarian possible’ and ‘vegan possible’ options. Pasta e Fagioli? Polenta? Beans and Greens? You got it. Oh, and did we mention everything is homemade from scratch? Legen—wait for it—dary.

  • Zenith

    Vegan in Pittsburgh
    image via @skullcaptincture | Instagram

    Walking through the doors at this eclectic eatery is like walking into an art show, antique shop and vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurant in one. You can browse around, but you’d better get a bite to eat. The menu is updated weekly, and brunch is not to be missed. Vegan apple spice pancakes are calling. Plus, just $10 for the brunch buffet, main dish, coffee or tea.

  • Heirloom Superfood Market

    The Heirloom Superfood Market is an extension of The Pittsburgh Juice Company. Soon, you’ll be able to find superfoods in bulk, organic produce, and local goods right in the Strip District. Stay tuned for details.