All The Healthiest Restaurants in Portland Right Now

All The Healthiest Restaurants in Portland Right Now

We understand how easy it is for you to say you want to eat healthy, and while you can stock up on produce at the local grocery, that restaurant around the corner sounds so much easier than pulling out the pots and pans. We feel that. But, luckily, you’re in Portland — where healthy menu options abound for any meal of the day. Check out the best below!

  • Joy Poke

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    image via @blkdahlia65 | Instagram

    Want a bit more personal poke dish that has lots of variety within what goes into your bowl? Our next mentionable spot is downtown near Pioneer Place: Joy Poke. The spot is about eight months old but their poke packs enough flavor that we’re positive they’ve been working with this dish for years. The restaurant is perfect for a quick spot to eat, and what’s inside the bowl is completely up to you. We’d opt for the medium size, allowing you to mix a couple types of meat/seafood and multiple sides—like seaweed, octopus, rice, roasted garlic, etc.—for the perfect poke bowl.

  • Harlow

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    image via @harlowportland | Instagram

    Vegan eaters, please pay attention, as this spot is one of the best animal-friendly eats in all of Portland. The vibe is very Hawthorne Street, so you’ll indulge in a bit of the Portland weirdness right as you walk in. To be honest, we could not speak higher of Harlow, where we can leave with a stomach full of mac ’n’ cheese and fruity cocktails and still feel healthy. They offer countless dairy-free products and substitute chicken with tofu or beans, but we promise that you will find something you like here. While our mouths water at their vegan Hawthorne Mac, we also suggest their Betty Bowl for something a bit lighter.

  • The Whole Bowl

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    image via Julia C. | Yelp

    The Whole Bowl is like Cafe Yum, but 10x tastier. Each bowl is gluten-, nut-, and wheat-free — and served from a food cart that usually has a line of 10 or less. If you already have your favorite Portland cart, praises of this little shack by the New York Times or Portland Tribune might encourage you to change your routine. Small but mighty, this cart packs a serious punch. We prefer to “veganize” the bowl so that the sour cream doesn’t slow down our day and also opting for avocado rather than cheese. Their carts are scattered throughout Portland, but you should look for the Hawthorne and Vancouver locations, as they both stay open for dinner.

  • Little River Café

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    image via Beth D. | Yelp

    Near the waterfront and looking for a lunch spot? We suggest Little River Café, which overlooks the boating dock on the Willamette. Choose from a range of quinoa bowls, wraps, and sandwiches while people-watching the local hipster or Portland runner along the waterfront. The food is light and tasty, and the restaurant itself has a warm and friendly vibe that fills you with energy. We suggest their Southwest Bowl. And, just in case your sweet tooth is prevalent, their ice cream is award-winning for a reason.

  • Poke Mon

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    image via @pokemonpdx | Instagram

    Poke Mon, unsurprisingly, offers poke bowls that pack nutrition and flavor. The décor is fun and casual, the fish is incredibly tender, and whatever they mix into the signature bowls just works. Gluten-free or vegetarian? They have something for you too (including A+ tofu options). Any day of the week, we opt for the Hawaiian bowl — the perfect blend of sweet and delicate. Willing to spend three dollars extra? Spend it on the Choi’s Kimchi!

  • Dick’s Kitchen

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    image via @wolffgoespaleo | Instagram

    We really tip our hats to Dick’s Kitchen — this restaurant truly cares about what goes into their customer’s stomach. The owner, Dick, knows his stuff; he’s studied diets from paleo to vegan, offering a menu full of products which are proven to better digestion and sources 100% local, grass-fed beef. He provides a menu full of different types of burgers (that can be served on lettuce instead of bun), salads, bowls, and noteworthy sweet potato fries. Plus, they have a rotating special type of meat every few weeks. Check it out at their SE or NW location. We’ll give you props if you’re able to name all of the men framed on the wall — each a different “Dick” in history (from Nixon to Pryor).

  • Shizuku

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    image via @shizukupdx | Instagram

    If you love Japanese food and a menu that is constantly changing, Shizuku should be your next dinner date. Built by an amazing chef that grew up in a family with multiple dietary restrictions, you’re going to find a menu full of thoughtful, fresh, and local product. You are also going to find yourself lost in the presentation of the food; each meal is delivered as an art form… appropriate that their location is near the Portland Art Museum in SW. We like it here when we’re feeling cuisine rather than grub, and while the price point matches the menu, it’s well worth it. A must: sake-steamed Oregon mussels.

  • Canteen

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    image via @canteenpdx | Instagram

    When exploring Stark St., we always make a stop at Canteen. They deliver some of the best local and organic bowls in Portland. Along with the vegan option you choose, grab a smoothie. Whatever ingredients they’re mixing together in that blender result as an addictive masterpiece, and no, we’re not exaggerating. Fruits, veggies, almond butter — they know what they’re doing. We personally like to pair the Bangkok Bowl with the Tropical Greens smoothie but suggest their parfait when heading there for breakfast.

  • Blossoming Lotus

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    image via MIchael S. | Yelp

    Blossoming Lotus serves a vegetarian menu that, among many other things, makes a “cheeseburger” out of a walnut patty that will blow your mind. The squash tacos also have our number; tasty in all their gluten- and soy-freeness. The vibe here is modern and warm, with a great staff that can answer all your questions and keeps you coming back. Fitt Tip: Iced Coconut Chai. Just trust us.

  • Back to Eden

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    image via Back to Eden Bakery | Facebook

    We head over to Back to Eden when we’re wandering NE Alberta and want the best gluten-free vegan pizza our souls will ever taste. The bright colored, light-filled cafe is the perfect upbeat and healthy spot for your Sunday indulgence. And we choose this spot not only because it’s vegan and gluten-free, but because we can’t even taste the difference compared to the real deal ’za. Whether you’re ordering their salad, breadsticks, or a Brussels sprout pizza — your stomach is going to be as happy as your taste buds.

  • Pixie Retreat

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    image via Pixie Retreat

    Pixie Retreat is a restaurant that has a phrase claiming their food with make you “roar” (or raw’r, per their spelling). Their menu is full of items that contain all-natural and organic ingredients, focusing on meals that don’t contain gluten or meat. Their location on NW completes the Pearl St. vibe with elegance. But if you enjoy all this yum from the comforts of your couch, go takeout. And you might just do that on the regular because, well… their Bakn’ Cheez Burger Collard Wrap will make you raw’r.

  • Fern Kitchen

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    image via @fernkitchenpdx | Instagram

    Fern Kitchen is the perfect breakfast/lunch spot for those who enjoy clean paleo eats. A favorite in Portland, this cozy restaurant believes in nourishing their customers’ bodies with locally sourced products and a mouthwatering menu. This is the type of place you take your parents to for brunch — the friendly service and healthy menu take away any edge you may have to your afternoon and will prove to mom that you are, indeed, eating your veggies.

  • Teote

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    image via @gingpartycat | Instagram

    We really appreciate a restaurant that perfects the art of making a delicious Latin American dish while keeping it healthy. Sure, stuffing your face with cheese and beans is always fun in the moment, but the food coma that follows is best avoided. Teote has a great reputation in SE because it sticks to the good stuff: their gluten-free menu packs unbelievable taste but lacks the heavy products and oily sauces. And their funky outdoor patio is even more reason to enjoy a meal (and maybe a margarita) here. We suggest any and all of the arepas, or the Teote Plate when we need no room for dessert.

  • Urban Farmer

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    image via Urban Farmer Portland | Facebook

    If you’re willing to take a hit in your bank account, what better reason to do this than for a phenomenal steak? Urban Farmer is sitting pretty damn chic, perched at the top of the Nines Hotel downtown (one of the best hotels in Portland). The menu consists of organic and locally-sourced beef that will provide you the iron-packed filet that’s missing the fat. After dinner, head to Departure (same hotel) for tasty cocktails and a view of Portland at night.

  • Prasad

    Prasad PDX
    image via @prasadeastpdx | Instagram

    Prepare for a colorful meal at Portland’s Prasad. Whether you order one of their savory grain bowls, a vegan burrito or a veg-packed green juice, you’re sure to leave having hit your veggie quota for the day. Fitt Tip: check out their location inside the Portland Rock Gym in Northeast Portland (their other location is in Northwest) for a quick climb and dine.

  • Laughing Planet

    laughing planet cafe pdx
    image via @laughingplanetcafe | Instagram

    Laughing Planet’s menu provides a serious list of options, making healthy dining both delicious and so, so simple. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or a health-conscious carnivore, Laughing Planet (with locations all over Portland) has everything from simple salads and soups to vegan-friendly quesadillas, hearty grain bowls, and flavorful burritos. With ample portions, prepare to have leftovers.

  • Rabbits Cafe

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    image via @rabbitscafepdx | Instagram

    Grain bowls are an all-too-familiar fixture on healthy menus, but we promise you’ll be happy once you try the options at Rabbits Cafe. With locations in downtown and Northeast Portland, Rabbits Cafe serves up an assortment of bowls big and small, flavored with items like nacho-ranch sauce, curried-walnut crumbles, barbecue soy curls, and tahini dressing. Our favorite? The Incredi-Bowl, with sesame-ginger broccoli and soy curls.

  • Kure Juice Bar

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    image via @kurepdx | Instagram

    Sometimes a sit-down lunch just isn’t possible. On those days, we head to one of Kure Juice Bar’s six Portland locations, where an assortment of veggie-packed juices, shots, and smoothie bowls will keep us full for at least a few hours. Our favorite: the Bowl of the Gods, aptly named for its heavenly blend of acaí berries, bananas, strawberries, and peanut butter.

  • Cultured Caveman

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    image via @culturedcaveman | Instagram

    When dining here, you can rest assured that what you’re eating is the best possible quality. North Portland’s Cultured Caveman takes its food so seriously, in fact, that you can find a list of ingredients online for every menu item. We don’t doubt the quality, though. We trust our taste buds and give the pork carnitas tacos (with pork shoulder, coconut aminos, and jicama slaw) two big thumbs up.


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