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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

Think all cycling studios are the same? Think again. Whether it’s a yoga and cycling hybrid, a core-focused workout, or a candle-lit studio, you can pedal to your heart’s content at these PDX classes.




StarCycle‘s Portland studios are a great location for your next “energetic, inspirational, and balanced cardio ride”. Written on the walls, you’ll see some pretty good advice: “Turn ‘I wish’ into ‘I will’”. Created by two busy, driven moms with a passion for fitness, StarCycle understands that sometimes life can get in the way. That’s why the studio offers child care services at locations and convenient online booking.

Be prepared for a full-body workout at BurnCycle’s Pearl District and Lake Oswego locations. Classes are focused on the upper body, obliques, and core, and blast fun beats to get you pumped. Burn boasts that “it’s like going to the best dance club in Portland — with a life coach”. Classes are 45 minutes and encourage a positive, non-judgmental environment. Easily book your class and reserve your bike online… and get ready to sweat! Fitt Tip: Check out The Lab x Burn — their cross training venture in SE Portland.

Another Pearl District gem, Revocycle, is a little different than your average cycling class. Don’t expect loud club music or intense yelling for motivation. Instead, instructors strategically guide you through the workout and emphasize form and muscle toning while using their freewheel bikes. They do this in a style that’s similar to yoga or barre. But, don’t be fooled — you’re in for a fierce workout. Take on their "RevoSculpt" class, which combines cycling and off-the-bike core and strengthening or their "RevoFlow" workout that merges pedaling with mindful stretching. Just make sure you show up for their monthly Vinyl Nights, where you can cycle while the DJ put down some bumpin’ beats. Fitt Tip: if you’re a local Portland resident, your first two classes are free.

Like cycling? Like Pilates? This Eastside studio has you covered. This gym is run by husband-and-wife team Kirk and Jenny Whiteman. Kirk is a World/National champion track cyclist, and Jenny is a certified CycleOps and Pilates instructor… you’ll be in good hands. Whether it’s private instruction, group classes, or coaching, TEMPO can help you become stronger, fitter, and faster. For a bit of both cycling and Pilates, try the combo class and prepare to torch those muscles. Fitt Tip: new clients can take advantage of their awesome introductory class package.

This killer class will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat — and we mean that in the best way possible. The 45-minute MobCycle classes at their NE studio incorporate cardio drills that will make your lungs burn and legs ache. Finish with a five-minute arm and core burner. It should go without saying these classes are tough, but that endorphin high is so, so worth it.

Industrial Barre + Ride’s motto is that the classes are “indoor cycling reinvented” — and we’d have to agree. With studios in Sellwood and NE, Industrial Ride is much more than your typical cycling class. Prepare for hills (the best and worst), quick sprints, and tough pushes that will boost your endurance and condition every part of your body. The feeling of accomplishment you will have upon leaving this class is what will keep you coming back for more.

This Northeast community-focused training studio provides a holistic approach to health and fitness — there’s everything from weight training, kickboxing, yoga, kettlebell classes, and cycling. And we mean it when we say the cycling classes are fun, heart-pumping, and intense. Their classes mimic a traditional cycling experience to give you a muscle-toning, total-body sweat. They also offer combo classes (such as power cycling and circuit training) and even host fun themed rides.

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