8 Spots For Insta-Worthy Avocado Toast in Portland

8 Spots For Insta-Worthy Avocado Toast in Portland

Who doesn’t love avocado toast? If you said that you don’t, then we’re sorry, but you just can’t be trusted. It’s a perfect light meal or snack. Toasty, tasty, and full of healthy fats, fiber, and whole grains. We dig it.

Portland digs it, too. You can get the stuff all over town. And if you’re not into avocados (who are you?!), there’s a few other options, too. Freshly baked bread, artisan sea salts, and all the fixin’s: this is some hyper-local toast, Portland-style.

  • Poa Cafe

    Poa Cafe Portland Avo Toast
    image via Poa Cafe Yelp

    North Portland’s Poa Cafe serves up “good, clean food” in a cozy little cafe. It’s easy to keep it healthy here. There’s smoothies, kale and quinoa salads, and tasty protein-loaded bowls. Oh, and avo toast, of course. Their version is served on vegan whole grain toast with olive oil and local Jacobsen’s sea salt. You can customize it, too. Add some red chili flakes, cheese, tomato slices, or a skillet baked egg or two.

  • Prasad

    image via Prasad

    Prasad is all about local, fresh vegetarian cuisine. And we love them for it. Stop by one of their two locations (Pearl or Northeast), and grab yourself a warm, comforting plate of toast. Their house-made gluten-free bread is amazing, and you can get it any way that you’d like. Topped with butter and jam, poached eggs, or a honey, almond butter, banana, and hemp seed concoction. And, yes, there’s avocado toast. Theirs comes with spinach, tomato chutney, and jalapeño cashew cheese. That’s some stepped-up avo toast game right there.

  • Cup & Bar

    image via @emilyjoangreene

    Locals go absolutely loco over Northeast Cup & Bar‘s avocado toast. Sometimes, something so simple is just so good. That’s the case here. Their fluffy bread is toasted to perfection and topped with ricotta, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, lemon zest, and a pretty fanned avocado. Bonus: There’s also great coffee and house-made chocolates.

  • Roman Candle Baking Co.

    ROman Candle Baking Co Best Avo Toast Portland
    image via Michelle L. yelp

    Toast lovers, rejoice. Roman Candle has a whole section of their menu dedicated to the stuff. Keep it simple with their house-baked seasonal bread, homemade jam, and butter. Or how about Nutella on Raisin Walnut? Honey and bee pollen on Super Grain? And not one, but THREE different versions of avocado toast? This is too real. A simple version with EVOO, sea salt, and lemon, a spicier version with Mama Lil’s peppers, and a super-fancy version with house cured salmon and Crème fraîche. Stop by their Southeast Division location to try a slice.

  • Posies Bakery and Cafe

    image via @posiescafe Instagram

    North Portland’s Posies’ deems itself a “homestyle place.” There’s Ristretto Roasters coffee, handmade cupcakes and cake, freshly baked pastries, and a healthier café menu. For breakfast, there’s an epic avocado toast plate. Choose between freshly baked Grand Central multigrain bread or gluten-free. You can also add your choice of meat or veggies for a more complete meal.

  • Fern Kitchen

    Fern Kitchen
    image via @livsrecoverykitchen

    Southeast’s Fern Kitchen is a brunch lovers heaven. And, even better, the restaurant uses organic, locally grown produce and serves up a nutritional, seasonal menu. And, there’s toast! A whole section of it, in fact, on their breakfast menu. You can get gluten-free New Cascadia or Fleur de Lis multigrain. For toppings? How about local fruit, house-made chocolate hazelnut butter with banana, or cinnamon-raisin with whipped maple goat cheese? DROOL. And their avo toast? FTW with sheep feta, lemon, olive oil, and Maldon salt.

  • Upper Left Roasters

    Upper Left Roasters
    image via @upperleftroasters

    So. Much. Toast. Southeast’s Upper Left Roasters makes a mean cup of coffee, yes. But did you know they serve, like, a hundred toast varieties? (No, that’s totally exaggerated, but they do serve a lot.) Their toast comes in the form of Philippe’s local bread. There’s Walnut Raisin with Bee Local Honey and housemade ricotta. There’s Olive Thyme with cream cheese, cucumber, and lemon oil. There’s brioche with seasonal preserves. We see you, Country Wheat with macadamia butter. But our hearts belong to an avocado/radish/Mama Lil’s/poached egg masterpiece. We mean come on.

  • JoLa Cafe

    JoLa Cafe
    image via @notjustbacon

    Cozy up at Southwest’s JoLa Cafe, order a cup of Joe, and get nice and toasty (ha…ha). But, for reals: JoLa has an amazing toast menu. There’s simple avocado, sure. But then there’s lox with goat cheese, a lemony ricotta and basil, and a citrus beet hummus variety, too. Paired with a cold brew coffee (or one of their beers, we’re not judging), it sounds like the perfect brunch to us.