Find Your Flow: 19 Incredible Yoga Studios in Portland

Find Your Flow: 19 Incredible Yoga Studios in Portland

It’s pretty obvious that Portland is a yogi’s paradise. From hot and power to prenatal and more, there’s a studio for that… and more. If you don’t know where to start, or just want to change up your routine, this list will help you find your flow.

  • Unfold

    Unfold Yoga Studios Portland
    image via Unfold Studios Facebook

    Unfold believes that yoga is for everybody, no matter your size or ability. They offer classes specifically targeted for back care, for larger bodies, and for recovery along with the more traditional yoga offerings. It’s a great studio for people who feel intimidated by yoga, or who feel like you need to rock a pair of yoga pants before getting Om-ed. Their Division Street studio is also wheelchair-friendly.

  • CorePower Yoga

    Core Power Yoga Portland
    image via @ corepoweryoga Instagram

    CorePower Yoga isn’t where you get your most Zen yoga experience; it’s a high-powered sweat sesh. The class mixes together cardio and yoga to achieve a soothing-yet-heart-pounding workout (we didn’t think it was possible either). With locations in SE, NW, and SW, CorePower is the perfect place to turn up the heat on your practice.

  • Jewel Yoga

    Portland Yoga
    image via Jewel Yoga | Facebook

    Are you ready to throw in the towel when the instructor strikes a pose and you can’t tell where their body ends and begins? We’ve been there, and we know yoga isn’t always easy. So does Jewel Yoga, which is why they take time to explain each move demonstrated within their class. And with that, they want their clients to leave being able to replicate a yoga move in their own home. While the classes are great for beginners, Jewel’s incredible teachers and personality keep even the yogi-supreme coming back. Fitt Tip: New to yoga? Let them know; they offer a first class for free.

  • barre3

    Barre3 portland yoga
    image via @barre3 Instagram

    Like CorePower, barre3 has multiple locations in Portland and the surrounding areas, including in North Portland and the Pearl. barre3’s yoga is unique, incorporating ballet barre and Pilates into the workout. It’s great for tightening up those core muscles (and really, who doesn’t need a little help there?).

  • Yoga Pearl

    Yoga Pearl
    image via yoga pearl

    While you can find a wide range of classes here from beginner to expert, the studio is unique in that it really focuses on the whole body, inside and out. The space is shared with the Wellness Center, which offers acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, and other healing sessions. But perhaps the best way to nourish your body and soul while here is to grab a juice or healthy salad at Prasad (on site!).

  • Sellwood Yoga

    image via Sellwood Yoga & Align Fitness Facebook

    This zen-inspiring, light-filled studio offers everything from candlelight yoga to Pilates mat classes. They also offer occasional special classes, like learning the MELT method (a must for those prone to injuries), yoga for moms, and family yoga. For the truly dedicated yoga student, you can also sign up for a yoga retreat through Sellwood Yoga to places like Costa Rica and Tuscany.

  • YoYoYogi

    image via YoYoYogi Facebook

    If you’re looking to zen out, this studio might not be for you. But if you’re looking for a friendly vibe, good music, and some traditional yoga moves with a creative twist, give this Pearl district studio a try. For those who find balance on a budget, they also offer a daily community class and a daily happy hour class at a discounted price.

  • Yoga Bhoga

    Yoga Bhoga Portland
    image via Joel S. Yelp

    This SE yoga studio has been a fan favorite for a decade. The space is clean and simple, with large windows letting in natural light. But what’s unique about this studio is the sheer number of instructors. With so many to choose from, and so many different styles, you’re sure to find one who is the perfect match for you. Best part: it’s right upstairs from Boke Bowl — so you can treat yourself to some steamed buns after steaming up your own.

  • The Bhaktishop Yoga Center

    The Bhaktishop in Portland, OR
    image via The Bhaktishop Facebook

    Although Portland is very kid-friendly, there are surprisingly few regular prenatal yoga classes in this town. The Bhaktishop on SE Division offers three prenatal classes a week, plus a mama-baby yoga class. Definite score. Those eating for one can zen out with the more traditional Vinyasa classes. Regardless, the studio’s focus on small classes and community make it a great choice for anyone.

  • Yoga Shala of Portland

    Yoga Shala portland
    image via Yoga Shala of Portland Facebook

    Yoga Shala’s mission is to bring yoga to everybody in an accessible way while still holding firm to yoga traditions. This North Portland studio does just that in a beautiful, high-ceilinged environment. They also have regular drum circles and other musical events to help get your heart pounding in other ways.

  • yogaRIOT

    Yoga in Portland
    image via yogaRIOT Yelp

    If you like your yoga hot, this is the studio for you. You will undoubtedly get a good sweat in — the thermostat is generally set between 95 and 100. yogaRIOT prides itself on being affordable too. You can get monthly unlimited classes for under 50 bucks, and certain classes are free for teens.

  • Yoga on Yamhill

    yoga on yamhill portland
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    This cozy yoga studio prides itself on being open to everyone. That means every level of practice—from beginner to expert—as well as every income level has a place here. The studio is solely donation-based and also offers free mat rental. Certainly, not discount quality yoga, the studio offers an impressive array of yoga practices, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, restorative, and even heated Vinyasa.

  • Love Hive Yoga

    image via @lovehiveyoga Instagram

    The community at NE Portland’s Love Hive Yoga is exceptionally warm and welcoming—a great choice for someone nervous about getting started in yoga. Many of the classes are gentler than the typical yoga studio, but in a good way; you’ll leave feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

  • Bikram Yoga Fremont Street

    image via @bikramyoga Instagram

    If you’re looking for a little healing, stop in for a session at the spot that brings the heat on Fremont Street. Bikram Yoga Fremont Street’s yoga community is like a big hug: warm and welcoming. Yeah, you’re going to sweat, your muscles may shake, and you may be counting down the moments until Savasana, but the traditional Bikram practice will teach you a thing or two about your body.

  • North Portland Yoga

    image via @jaclyncampanaro Instagram

    North Portland Yoga will fill you up with good vibes and still have plenty leftover. In their North and Northeast feel-good factories, they practice a yoga that’ll leave you feeling absolutely nourished. Cool as the rule, this trendy studio doesn’t seem to have any boundaries, and you’ll feel it during any of their all-levels, Vinyasa, and Hatha Flow classes.

  • Mandala Yoga

    Mandala Yoga in Portland Oregon
    image via Mandala Yoga Facebook

    If your journey into yoga takes you in search of the origins of the practice—the legit mind-freeing, breath-deepening, most zen moment of your life—we’ll point you to Mandala Yoga. Just a block from Mt. Tabor Park, you’ll see beauty. You’ll see the real you. You’ll see… a big gong in the room. Bringing the senses together, prepare for yoga styles like Kundalini, Yin, and even an Earth Meditation where you can feel the vibrations of each gong strike through your whole body.

  • The People’s Yoga

    The People's Yoga in Portland
    image via The People's Yoga

    The People’s Yoga IS Portland. Yoga by Portlanders, for Portlanders (in three locations, too!). On SE Belmont, NE Killingsworth, and NE Alberta, you can hit up to 50 classes per week on the cheap. That’s their mission: get people on the yoga train regardless of economic barriers. From a powerful Vinyasa to Mindful Hatha, the expert instruction at any of their studios will make a yogi out of you yet.

  • Yoga Refuge

    Yoga Refuge Portland
    image via @yogarefuge Instagram

    When you need to get away from it all, seek shelter at Yoga Refuge. They’ll gladly take you into their Montavilla studio for a soulful and sweaty yoga sesh. With Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, and so much more, your hosts will challenge your body, break down stress, and set you at peace before you head back to the great big world outside.

  • Flex & Flow

    Flex and Flow Portland Yoga
    image via @flexandflow Instagram

    When it comes to breaking a sweat, Flex & Flow has you covered. The name is a dead giveaway, and it’s spot on too. This studio combines muscle sculpting moves with a yoga flow to create a fun and effective workout. Yeah, you heard that right — this sweat session will be fun. Instead of separating your muscle and movement practice, Flex & Flow offers an all-in-one sweat session. Think of their classes as a high-intensity interval workout that’s part strength training, part yoga practice, and all kinds of sweaty!