Where to WOD: 11 PDX CrossFit Gyms You Should Know

Where to WOD: 11 PDX CrossFit Gyms You Should Know

Maybe you’re already a hardcore CrossFitter. Or maybe you’ve never stepped foot in a local box (that’s CrossFit lingo for gym) but you’re interested to see what the hype’s about. Either way, there are plenty of Portland-area CrossFit gyms ready to help you get your sweat on.

Even better, we’ve done the leg work and rounded up a list of some of the best PDX has to offer. Now all you have to do is show up and crush whatever insane amount of burpees your WOD has in store.

  • Pacific Crest CrossFit

    image via @pacificcrestcf | Facebook

    This 4,000-square-food North Portland gym offers it all — CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strongman classes. Not only that, you can keep your workouts varied because this place is fully stocked with all the tractor tires, Olympic weightlifting platforms, Strongman logs, climbing ropes, and gymnastic rings you could ever need. Check them out by scheduling a free, one-on-one intro session and get to work with their conditioning equipment.

  • CrossFit Stumptown

    Crossfit Stumptown Portland
    image via Crossfit Stumptown Facebook

    Portlanders flock to this Northeast gym because it welcomes all fitness levels and tailors workouts to suit individual abilities. Not to mention it gets rave reviews for its world-class coaches. Worried about injuries? An in-house physical therapist provides sport rehabilitation services for CrossFit Stumptown’s athletes. New to CrossFit? Try their Foundations program, which introduces attendants to the basics while emphasizing proper technique and safety. These classes give newbies personalized attention and instruction to help them gain the confidence they need to transition into group classes. Bonus: your first class at Stumptown is free.

  • CrossFit Portland

    crossfit portland
    image via thefittraveler.com

    Oregon’s first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Portland offers a 6,000-square-foot space complete with tons of natural light and an American Ninja Warrior-style custom-made jungle gym. From high-end barbells to 20-foot-tall climbing ropes, this box has everything you need to get in shape. Plus, they also provide personal training and both beginner and intermediate weight-lifting programs to meet you at whatever fitness level you’re at.

  • CrossFit Pearl District

    Crossfit Pearl District Portland
    image via Crossfit Pearl District Facebook

    This visitor-friendly gym welcomes those looking to give CrossFit a try and those from out of town in their convenient downtown location. CFPD believes that CrossFit is for everyone — regardless of gender, age, or experience. This dog-friendly gym (check out their Instagram for some serious cuteness) is committed to “developing movement mechanics, consistency, and intensity — in that order”. Beginners can start with their Individual Elements course, which includes one-on-one personal training between you and a qualified coach.

  • Mt. Tabor CrossFit

    Mt.Tabor Crossfit Portland
    image via Mt.Tabor Crossfit Facebook

    Mt. Tabor CrossFit promises an intense, results-driven program for clients of all experience levels. And they use the same program successfully on a variety of CrossFitters, from elderly patrons with heart disease to busy housewives and professional cage fighters. This gym mandates that you leave negativity and “whining” at the door and pushes you to work hard toward your ultimate health and fitness goals. MTCF also hosts CrossFit Kids, so children ages 5 to 9 can try a class for free.  Who knows — maybe you’ll have yourself a new training partner.

  • Intrepid Athletics

    intrepid athletics portland workouts
    image via Intrepid Athletics Facebook

    This place has it all: a 5,000-square-foot space, a convenient location, and shower-equipped restrooms. Think of it as a one-stop gym for busy Portlanders. Intrepid’s welcoming, supportive community encourages patrons to build both physical and mental strength, all while having some fun. And coaches tailor workouts to each client’s experience, ability, and strength, while taking past injuries into consideration. What’s more, they offer everything from traditional CrossFit to CrossFit Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Strongman, and Competition Training classes, in addition to an open gym.

  • CrossFit 503

    crossfit 503 portland
    image via Crossfit503 Yelp

    Southwest’s CrossFit 503 has been voted Best CrossFit Gym in Portland by Willamette Weekly in 2015 — and for good reason. 503 strives to create a supportive community and make CrossFit fun. This box offers free consultations, personal training, and structured group classes that are capped at 10 people for a more personal training approach. Committed to optimizing health in and outside of the gym, CF503 also provides nutritional workshops, training seminars, and community events.

  • CrossFit Primal Energy

    Crossfit Primal Energy Portland
    image via Crossfit Primal Energy | Yelp

    Think you’re too old, or too out of shape for CrossFit? Primal Energy doesn’t think so. This box hosts an incredibly diverse community of all ages and skill levels. And talented coaches provide an open-door policy with a philosophy that “everyone can do it” — even those who think they’re over-the-hill. Still on the fence? Take advantage of three complimentary classes, no strings attached — this place is ideal for those interested in CrossFit but may not be all about the barbells.

  • Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club

    Bridgetown Crossfit Portland
    image via Bridgetown Crossfit | Facebook

    This CrossFit gym, complete with a 2,000-square-foot fenced outside area and dedicated Olympic Weightlifting space, is all about training you to build stamina, strength, and cardiovascular endurance through deadlifts, pull-ups, and squats, among other grueling exercises. Portlanders rave about the individual attention that husband-and-wife owners Erin and Jay give — and it’s not hard to see why. Erin and Jay have a ton of credentials under their belts, including decades of NCAA-level strength and conditioning training and a Masters in the science of a human body. If you want to take your workout to the next level, this is the place to do it.

  • CrossFit Reflexion

    Crossfit Reflexion Portland
    image via Crossfit Reflexion | Facebook

    Beaverton’s CrossFit Reflexion aims to help you “rebuild, advance, and arise”. This unique program is tailored to fit your individual needs and members receive personalized nutritional planning, specialized programming, and coaching to maximize results, performance, and safety. Their three individual programs (Rebuild, Advance, Arise) are strategically curated to make you the best athlete you can be. Plus, all memberships include a nutrition program, and discounts are offered to students, couples, military, and first responders. And if you want to try your hand at Olympic lifting, they offer that, too.

  • BlackRose Fitness Society

    blackrose fitness society portland
    image via @blackrosefitnesssociety | Instagram

    BlackRose’s slogan—“It’s not just for jocks anymore”—rings true when you step into this Southeast Portland gym. It’s a melding of backgrounds, lifestyles, and skill levels all working toward the same goal — to get in a really good workout. Join in for a sweaty CrossFit session that will condition your body from head to toe, and supplement it with one of BlackRose’s HIIT or yoga classes. Fitt Tip: schedule a class on a sunny day when the trainers take their workouts to a nearby park.


    **Updated by Sarah Grothjan, December 2018