The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Portland

The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Portland

We get it. Brunch is a must. Sunday mornings are for strong coffee, tangy mimosas, savory eggs, and loud conversation. But somewhere between that third slice of bacon and second pour of syrup, you wonder whether a healthy brunch exists.

Seriously — where is the brunch menu for those who want to swap the mimosa for a green juice or the creamy eggs Benedict for a dairy-free option? Luckily, there’s no shortage of Portland eateries serving up just that. From raw donut bites to vegan mac, Portland has options to keep you full for many Sundays to come.

  • Prasad

    Prasad in Portland
    image via Prasad | Facebook

    Prasad has it all — gluten-free toast smothered with non-dairy butter, warm oats (also GF) topped with toasted nuts and dried fruit, parfait made with cashew cream… it goes on. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours too. With locations in Northwest and Northeast Portland, Prasad is where gluten-free, dairy-free brunch-lovers unite. Go big with a sesame tempeh scramble or graze on lighter fare, like a green juice or house-made toast. Your taste buds (and tummy) will thank you.

  • Paradox Cafe

    image via @jlorrainee | Instagram

    Sure, brunch and “healthy” don’t typically end up in the same sentence, but a guilt-free meal is exactly what’s on the menu at Southeast Portland’s Paradox Cafe. Choose among ScramBowls (tofu, tempeh, or eggs with house veggies) or Paradox’s vegan version of eggs Benedict. And vegan french toast? Yeah, you can’t go wrong with that.

  • Harlow

    Portland Brunch
    image via @harlowportland | Instagram

    We’ll admit it — we were lured to this Southeast Portland eatery by the gluten-free, vegan take on macaroni and cheese. Mac for brunch? Yes, please. This dairy-free dish is made with organic quinoa pasta, kale, and non-dairy alternatives. Too early for mac? Choose one of the scrambles made with farm-fresh eggs or the huevos rancheros. We’ll take a poached egg or smoky tempeh on a corn tortilla any day.

  • Jam

    Best Brunch in Portland
    image via Jessica Z. | Yelp

    At first glance, Jam has all the fixings of a glutinous brunch. After all, waffles, scrambles, breakfast wraps, and build-your-own hash browns don’t exactly scream “health.” Read on, though, and you’ll spy cage-free eggs, organic tofu, fresh greens, nutritional yeast, wild smoked salmon, and house-made vegetarian chorizo. Yep, this Southeast Portland cafe whips up a healthy version of brunch classics.

  • The Hazel Room

    Portland Brunches
    image via @thehazelroomportland | Instagram

    Seasonal veggies, tofu sausage, gluten-free french toast — these are the things (healthy) brunch dreams are made of. This Southeast Portland teahouse is best known for its brunch and creative cocktails — as well as its locally sourced menu. Inside, local art hangs from the walls, and dishes such as farm-stand hash, sourdough toast, and smoked salmon with a side of wilted spinach grace tables. We’ll have one of everything.

  • Doe Donuts

    Vegan Donuts
    image via @ameliailema | Instagram

    Yes — artisanal vegan donuts are a thing. This is Portland, after all. Sure, you probably shouldn’t eat several of these in one sitting (though we won’t judge if you do), but vegan donuts are a good alternative if you’re craving the sweet confection. These donuts in Southeast Portland come in an assortment of flavors, but we’d love to get our hands on the seasonal matcha donut.

  • Water Avenue Coffee and Kitchen

    Brunch in Portland
    image via Water Avenue Coffee and Kitchen | Facebook

    Few things rival brunch and a view. At Water Avenue Coffee and Kitchen in Southeast Portland, you can order exactly that. Grab a bowl of the cafe’s house-made hazelnut, cacao nib granola and walk a block toward the waterfront to watch boats coast beneath the Morrison Bridge. Return for seconds, and order the avocado toast topped with cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs, and mixed greens. Add a poached egg to the avocado toast or keep it simple with an egg sandwich. Oh, and wash it all down with a steaming cup of coffee (of course). We can’t imagine a better start to your Sunday.

  • Blossoming Lotus

    Blossoming Lotus Portland
    image via Blossoming Lotus Portland | Facebook

    This Northeast Portland eatery takes healthy brunching to a whole new level. With “live” (meaning raw) nachos and donut bites, you can brunch without guilt. Order the giant cinnamon roll with cashew cream cheese or (our favorite) the lotus Benedict — a biscuit topped with tofu scramble, sausage patties, spinach, tomato, and lemon hollandaise. Okay, we’ll take thirds.

  • Canteen

    Best Brunch Portland
    image via @canteenportland | Instagram

    While not your typical brunch spot, this Southeast Portland cafe packs all the fixings of a delicious — and nutritious — brunch. And we highly suggest getting one of their bowls. Packed with veggies, these bowls are a burst of both flavor and nutrition. Canteen’s cashew-cream parfaits and cacao-topped oatmeal aren’t too shabby either, and will satiate the sweet tooth.

  • Sweedeedee

    Vegan Brunch in Portland
    image via @sweedeedeeportland | Instagram

    This is no-fuss brunch at its best. Order at the counter of this quaint, cottage-inspired cafe in North Portland, choosing among a selection of granola, sweet porridge, corn cakes, a bee pollen biscuit breakfast, or the breakfast rice bowl (served with egg, herbs, almonds, feta, and fermented chilies). The straightforward selection is simple yet satisfying.

  • Broder

    Brunch in Portland, OR
    image via @broderportland | Instagram

    Danish pancakes, Finnish porridge, and creamy, crunchy eggs — this Scandinavian brunch spot is a must. With menu staples of smoked trout, fresh herbs, and eggs, you can’t go wrong brunching here. Head to one of their three locations in North, Southeast, or Southwest Portland and order one of the baked egg scrambles with a side of walnut toast or the swedish hash with soft baked eggs. Share a Söderbord among friends for small bites of smoked trout, roasted beets, fresh fruit, and crispy rye crackers. Wash it down with a strong cup of Swedish coffee. Now you’re ready for the day.