Meet Homegrown Smoker, Portland’s Go-to Spot For Plant-Based Barbeque

Meet Homegrown Smoker, Portland’s Go-to Spot For Plant-Based Barbeque

We’re pretty lucky here in Portland. We’ve got a thriving vegan scene full of variety — the best in the US some might even say.

Around town you can get your hands (and mouth) on everything from vegan doughnuts to plant-based pizza and ramen. But there’s one vegan barbeque joint that’s been cooking up tasty “meaty” goodness in PDX since 2009, and now boasts an almost cult following among vegan foodies in the area.

Classic meals without the meat

Like many of our favorite Portland eateries, Homegrown Smoker began as a humble (but ohhh so tasty) food truck and now operates out of their brick-and-mortar location in the St Johns neighborhood.

According to founder Jeff Ridabock, Homegrown Smoker was the first vegan barbecue joint in Portland. The idea for the restaurant came to him after he switched to a vegan lifestyle and found himself craving all the traditional smokey flavors that he had loved. So, he began recreating all those classic meals — minus the meat.

100% plant-based finger lickin’ goodness

Known for their barbeque and comfort food, Homegrown Smoker has a huge selection of all your favorites but with an animal-free twist. Indulge in smoked tempeh ribs, buffalo thwings, and fried chikn as well as traditional sides like hush puppies, grits, greens, and macnocheese.

If everything simply looks too good and you can’t decide—no worries—go for a combo plate and choose whatever proteins and sides tickle your fancy!

Peace begins on your plate

With its laid back vibes and large statement mural, Homegrown Smoker is a space where both herbivores and carnivores can unite over some tasty AF chow.

Trust us, even your biggest meat-loving pals will be planning their next trip back. And here’s a fun idea — don’t tell them it’s vegan until afterward (they’ll never know). Then, sit back and enjoy the look of sheer disbelief on their faces! You can thank us later.