StarCycle is Set to Open a New Studio in NE Portland

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StarCycle is Set to Open a New Studio in NE Portland

NE Portlanders, get ready for some serious muscle burn —  StarCycle is bringing their popular indoor cycling franchise to your side of town. Founded by two fitness industry pros in 2013, this is set to be StarCycle’s sixth studio — and the closest one to Downtown Portland.

Lights down, music up

This boutique cycling studio is all about empowering you to push yourself to your limits and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

That’s why, during this 45-minute dance party on a bike, they turn the lights down low and the music up. So instead of worrying about anyone noticing your sweat drenched back just 10 minutes into class, all you’ll be focused on is pedaling to the beat of the pulsating soundtrack.

Sure, you’ll spend your fair share of time in the saddle, but StarCycle’s high-intensity rides are much more than your average cycling class — you’re in for a full-body cardio workout that integrates small weight and arm strength exercises.

But don’t worry if you’ve never clipped your shoes into a stationary bike before. The instructors at StarCycle will be right there with you through every hill, sprint, and climb, encouraging newbies and veterans alike to get the most out of their workout. You’ll leave this kick-ass mind-body experience with legs like Jell-O but we guarantee you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Fitt Tip: every StarCycle studio provides safe, on-site childcare, so all fitness-minded parents need to focus on is having the ride of their life.

All The Deets

While the exact date opening date is still under wraps, we do know that StarCycle will be opening on N Williams Ave., just up the road from barre3, in the next couple of months. So keep your eyes peeled for free community rides, special grand opening discounts, and more.

If can’t wait that long for your StayCycle fitness fix — stop by their CedarMill or Lake Oswego studios to check out what they’re all about.