Introducing The Lab X Burn, BurnCycle’s High-Intensity Strength Training Studio

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Introducing The Lab X Burn, BurnCycle’s High-Intensity Strength Training Studio

Sick of the same old workouts week after week? Well it’s time we introduce you to SE Portland’s The Lab X Burn. This innovative strength-training studio is here to help mix up your fitness routine with high-energy workouts that will keep your muscles guessing.

One Powerhouse Team

The Lab X Burn is the latest venture of fitness girl boss and founder of BurnCycle, Jessi Duley. Led by Nike Training Club creator Marie Purvis, the boutique studio is designed complement your regular cycling workout — whether that be weekly BurnCycle classes or a few minutes each day on your trusty stationary bike in your living room. And with a powerhouse team behind at the helm, your sweat session at The Lab X Burn is guaranteed to be good!

Train harder, stronger, smarter

Serious workouts are what’s cooking in this “test kitchen for innovative cross-training”. Their small classes are expertly curated with a focus on training smarter and harder. Which means you can expect to move your body and challenge your mind in some completely new ways using weights, slam balls, TRX straps, and resistance bands. Trust us — you’ll be using muscles you didn’t even know existed!

The Lab X Burn offers six, 60-minute signature workouts designed to push you to your limits. If beat drops and dumbbells are your thing, then strength training class The Grit may be for you. For something a little slower-paced (this doesn’t mean easier), unroll your mat in their yoga sculpt class Flow Lab. Looking to channel your inner Rocky Balboa? Try out their boxing/mobility/HIIT class The Throwdown. And when you want to take your leg day to the next level, there’s Booty Lab. Check out Top Shelf to build your upper body strength and The Hustle for a circuit-based conditioning class that will test your endurance. Or, even better — just give them all a go!

Feel the burn

We know what you’re thinking — where do I sign up? Well, The Lab x Burn makes it easy. Your first class is free, all you need to do is create an account on their website. Fitt Tip: BurnCycle members can use the same account details to sign up for classes at The Lab.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your workout at The Lab x Burn — you’re going to leave feeling stronger than ever.