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A New Way to Discover Health and Fitness

Fitt is a location-based discovery platform that connects people to healthy experiences across fitness, food, outdoors, and events.

Use Fitt to watch and read stories, find healthy restaurants and workout spots nearby, plan your next outdoor adventure, sign up for events, and more.


Why We Made This

Everybody wants to be healthy, but—let’s be honest—it’s not that easy. From beer and burgers to pizza and live performances, it’s easy to find bar food, cocktails, and concerts. But if you wanted to grab a green juice, find a fitness studio, or sign up for a 5K, the list of resources is pretty limited. That’s why we created Fitt, a new way to discover health and fitness.

We love hitting happy hour or a food festival as much as anyone. But we love breaking a sweat and eating well too. That’s why Fitt makes living a healthy lifestyle easier and a lot more fun.

No matter what you’re into, we have the rundown on the newest fitness studios and healthiest eats around. Plus, we know all the best run routes, hiking trails, and bike paths in town. And we’ll always make sure you know when there’s a 5k, beer and yoga class, or free fitness meet-up going down.

Media Assets

All of the images and videos below are also available on Dropbox.

Our Team

Based in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood, our 14-person crew includes talented content creators, marketers, designers, and engineers, joined by hundreds of local contributors, creators, and ambassadors in the cities we cover. Together, we’re working hard to make living a healthy lifestyle easier and a lot more fun.

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