Project by Equinox: A One-of-a-Kind Creative Space For Fitness Trainers Sets up Shop in NYC

Project by Equinox: A One-of-a-Kind Creative Space For Fitness Trainers Sets up Shop in NYC

A new workout laboratory of sorts opened its doors earlier this year in New York City’s NoLIta neighborhood, and it’s main purpose: breaking the rules. Sounds like some serious fun, right?

Project by Equinox, the one-of-a-kind, boutique fitness studio, was designed to encourage innovation in the gym. With a tight-knit training community determined to create projects that will take group workouts to the next level, it’s the first-ever creative co-working space for physical fitness. The industry is making some moves! (Literally.)

  • The formula

    Project by Equinox
    Image via @vimmia_active

    This project got started by recruiting instructors with an out-of-the-box and open-minded approach to fitness. The studio’s current team of fitness visionaries each have a unique background that has shaped and inspired their training style. From minor league baseball to teaching and street dancing, these guys are all about using their experience and passion to find ways to challenge you to move and live differently.

    With class names like “Babes and Bands” and “#TMI”, be ready for workout mash-ups you would never expect. The spectrum runs from strength and HIIT to cardio and conditioning, but these aren’t your typical classes. The trainers are passionate about the moves they believe in, so get ready to sweat. And maybe get weird since it’s a fitness laboratory after all. These rebels are ready to shake it up.

  • Some pretty awesome perks

    Project equinox
    Image via @chelseywilkens

    The space itself is nothing less than awesome. Its unconventional design rocks tons of natural light, edgy architecture, an urban vibe, and a “let’s do this” kind of energy.

    On top of that, the studio has some pretty cool perks like color-shifting lights, a video capture system, USB ports in the lockers, and a lounge complete with complimentary cold brew. They’d like you to know that you cannot live at their 267 Mulberry Street outpost (sigh), but you’re welcome to hang out anytime!

    The studio offers a la carte style classes and bundles are available in class packs of three and five. Each class runs for about 50 minutes and the schedule can be found online. Be sure to snag your spot in advance, and BYO lab coat.