We’ve got you covered with the most innovative and challenging studios in the city that are sure to breath new life into your fitness routine. So, grab a workout buddy and pop in for a sweat session at one of these top-notch gyms and studios around town.




Everyday at F45 is different. From Athletica to Hollywood to Firestorm the team has developed 27 different high-intensity circuit workouts that’ll keep you moving and sweating. With two-to-three trainers per class and exercise demos on TV screens around the studio, it’s easy to follow along (or take cues from a workout buddy nearby). With eight locations in San Diego (and more to come), there are plenty of opportunities to fit in a 45-minute class. What should you expect at your first workout? A big hug and a “hello mate” from your newest Aussie friends (ICYMI: F45 hails from down under).

The cycling studio known for their cult-like following finally made their way to San Diego— and we couldn’t be more excited!. While the sprints, hills, jumps and intervals will have you sweating up a storm, it’s impossible not to smile when you’ve got instructors dolling out motivational mantras during class. Situated in the newly-refreshed UTC Westfield mall, it’s the perfect place get in a cardio workout after you’ve flexed your credit card shopping. A little birdie told us another location will be heading to North County next year, too…

Working out at Renegade Fit Camp in Point Loma and Hillcrest is nothing short of intense. The lights are turned down low, the music is blasting, and the 15-minute sets will have you sweating like never before. Each hour-long group class combines HIIT-style cardio (on a treadmill and assault bike), a weight rack workout, and floor work with kettlebells, battle ropes, and bodyweight exercises. And the inevitable endorphin rush will keep you coming back for more — no matter how sore you are.

With tons of area locations, it’s safe to say San Diego has orange fever. Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is an intense 60-minute circuit workout designed to keep your heart rate in targeted color zones (blue, green, orange, red). Sweat your way through three circuits that include rowing, cardio HIIT, and strength training on the floor. Torch fat, build muscle, and feel the after burn up to 36 hours after your workout. What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to join the #OrangeNation.

Dubbed “The Best Workout in the World”, Barry’s Bootcamp classes are a one-hour sweatfest complete with strength training and cardio intervals. With hill climbs, sprints, and dynamic mode (self-propelled treadmill), running on a treadmill has never been so tough. The floor work focuses on a different muscle group each day, allowing you to develop a well-rounded physique — or at least, avoid leg day (Tuesday). Pop in for a full-body Sunday Funday workout. Afterward, take a trip to the Hillcrest Farmers Market, a short walk away, to get in some people-watching, grab a cold brew, and refuel.

Stepping off the elevator into Trilogy’s rooftop space in La Jolla is heavenly. The space includes ocean views, comfy couches for socializing, and a delicious vegan cafe. Class offerings include everything from power Vinyasa and aerial to meditation. Created as a space to inspire people to lead healthy lives you can’t help but leave feeling energized after a visit.

Lunge, twist, pike, plank, and pulse at Elevate in Little Italy and Solana Beach. The signature full-body workout targets every muscle in just 40 minutes. Using the Lagree Fitness Megaformer, you will use slow, controlled movements with loaded resistance and core engagement to feel the burn, and torch major calories. Combine resistance training with cardio in their Elevate Combo class, 25 minutes of cycling and 25 minutes of Megaformer intensity. You’ll tone muscles you didn’t know you had, and probably have a hard time getting out of bed days later.

With eight locations, CorePower Yoga has become a powerhouse for heated Vinyasa in San Diego. Get ready to sweat in an intense physical practice that challenges your mind and body. In addition to the classic and fan favorite Yoga Sculpt, CPY offers beginner level classes (C1 and C1.5) and advanced Vinyasa (C2 and C3), as well as Hot Power Fusion — the steamiest class at 105-110˚. With your first week free, now is the perfect time to Live Your Power, change your body, and sweat it out on your mat.

If it seems like everyone from suburban moms to Victoria’s Secret models are hitting the boxing ring these days, you aren’t wrong. But who can blame them? Whether you go for a mixed martial arts class or traditional boxing on a bag, you’re guaranteed a killer workout. If you’re looking to tone up and grind out some aggression (hey, we can’t all like our bosses), give TITLE Boxing in North Park, Carlsbad, or Chula Vista a try. They offer a variety of classes that incorporate cardio intervals, full-body combinations, and expert coaching—plus learning how to wrap your knuckles will have you feeling like a total badass.

A ride at SparkCycle will pump you up. Their 45-minute high-energy, full-body workout will have you movin’ and groovin’ in and out of the saddle to the beat of the music. The Liberty Station and La Jolla locations are decked out with LED lighting, stadium seating, top-of-the-line bikes, and retail, so you can stock up on sweet Spark swag. Fitt Tip: set your clock — the weekly schedule is released every Sunday at 5pm, and those bikes will sell out fast!

The team at Invictus Fitness will help you achieve your fitness dreams, and with more than 16 coaching sessions per day across three locations, there’s no excuse to skip the gym. From nutrition coaching to rowing club to Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit, this box offers a goal-based program for you. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll be chalking up with a slew of Games athletes. New to CrossFit? Sign up for the two-week Fundamentals program to learn the essential movements and get started.

Bodyrok isn’t your traditional Pilates class, but we’re here for it. Inspired by the Reformer, the Bodyrok’s signature machine is a remodeled and redesigned of the original Pilates equipment, so you can get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time. And get ready to pour sweat — Bodyrok’s 40-minute strength-training classes in Del Mar and Encinitas will work your whole body as you squeeze, pike, and jump your way to the end.

This may be called The Boxing Club, but that’s only the beginning of what this gym offers in UTC, Kearny Mesa, and the East Village. Yes, you can box, but you can also try Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, cycling, yoga, Pilates, and more. From the first day you step in one of the studios, expect to learn proper technique in whatever class you choose. Ready to feel inspired? Each sweat session is full of high-intensity drills where you can show off your newly-learned form and your growing power.

What are your fitness goals? This open-air gym not only gives you ocean views but promises that if you put in the work, it’ll get you the results you’re looking for. Try one of the circuit-based classes, where time and rep challenges will keep you moving, or relax and unwind with a rooftop yoga session. Get ready to swing a kettlebell, slam some battle ropes, and use your bodyweight with the TRX (all with a sea breeze) — there’s something for everyone here, no matter what your fitness level.

This boutique studio in Del Mar is all about finding the fun in movement. Clip in for a ride that will take you on a beat-based journey that is all about connecting with the community through sweat. From cardio pushes to upper-body-focused strength training, this full-body workout will leave you feeling proud, accomplished, and ready to take on the world. Plus, monthly events, charity rides, and local partnerships make this more than just another cycling studio!

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