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JUL 14, 2020



SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is an awesome way to adventure and experience San Diego’s waves while working on balance and strength. And, for us, the weather permits this outdoor activity year-round. Score.

So, keep calm and paddle on at these can’t-miss places around San Diego.

Bring man’s best friend along for the ride at Dog Beach. While the surf in the lagoon on the far side of the bridge is ankle high, the tide can get to be head-high once you pass the bridge, so make sure your pup knows how to paddle. Feeling lucky after catching a few waves? Try your hand with the horses at the Del Mar Racetrack (with Dog Beach as the backdrop).

Bring your board over the bridge for a breathtaking view of San Diego’s downtown high-rise skyline. The waters are calm off the island, so this park is perfect for any paddleboard level. After your SUP session, we love to spend the day beaching near the historic Hotel Del Coronado on the other side of the island.

Mission Bay is the quintessential San Diego SUP spot — views for days, endless parks to launch from and calm waters. Feeling inspired? Local companies, like Bliss Paddle Yoga, offer you the chance to explore and play on a new level — practice your plow pose on your board. Fitt Tip: Visit Mission Bay early in the day to avoid boats, water skiers, and jet skis.

Paddle through a marine paradise in La Jolla Cove. This area among the cliffs is a prime place to catch a glimpse of colorful fish, sea turtles, seals, jellyfish, and leopard sharks. And if you are a more advanced paddler, we recommend paddling through the natural caves in the cove. The view is legen—wait for it—dary.

Head up to North County for a relaxed SUP venture in Agua Hedionda, one of three Carlsbad lagoons. While you can cruise under the I-5 on your board, this three-mile lagoon lets you skip the headache of traffic and parking near the neighboring beach. Want to fire up your float game? Local company Floating Yogis offers daily SUP yoga classes for those who aren’t faint of heart (or who aren’t afraid of getting a little wet).

Snag a scenic sunrise or sunset view of downtown San Diego while paddleboarding around Shelter Island. This Point Loma neighborhood harbor offers calm waters and a city skyline view that extends all the way down to Coronado Island. If you spend all day SUPing (and it’s a very real possibility here), enjoy a walk on the boardwalk after your SUP session to shake out your sea legs.

Don’t have time to head all the way to the coast? Stay inland with your SUP board and visit Lake San Marcos, the only lake in San Diego County to offer stand-up paddleboarding to San Diegans. This hidden gem of North County offers calm (and uncrowded) waters to float around all day.

What’s better than whalewatching? Whalewatching while working out. Take the train up to hang around the relaxing water of the North County harbor and catch glimpses of the local whales (and maybe some birds and fish too). Fitt Tip: due to winds and ocean swells, the outer jetty can be more challenging to paddle through, so make sure you’re comfortable enough to take on the challenge.


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