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Emily Burke

APR 18, 2019

Kombucha is one of the relentlessly trendy superfoods that just seems to be getting better with age (yes, that was a fermentation joke). And while the probiotic-packed fermented tea has been well-loved by yogi moms and surfer bros alike for some time, there are three dudes in North Park who are taking the ’booch game up a notch… they’re upping the ABV.


The second you walk in the doors of the JuneShine Brewery and Tasting Room on El Cajon Blvd., you instantly feel cooler. From the macrame-adorned hanging plants to the driftwood tap handles, no detail was idly placed. But the stacks of board games and the crew of bearded bros wearing rubber boots and well-loved beanies will make you feel as if you’re in someone’s home, rather than just another Insta-worthy drinking hole.

Whether you grab a seat at the bar or hunker down on the wicker couch in the back corner, you’ll be greeted with a big smile and a generous pour (or six) of some of the best hard kombucha you have ever had. The team behind JuneShine is as eclectic as they are passionate and it shows in every flavor of their boozy booch and every detail of their tasting room. After several months of experimentation with different types of yeast, flavor variations, and surf breaks, the crew has created something special in a market that has started to feel a bit watered down.


Their carefully curated menu includes some familiar flavors like honey ginger lemon, as well as some less familiar ones, such as the aptly named Hangover Remedy, which lists activated charcoal and spirulina on the label. Whether you’re a dedicated kombucha drinker or tend to avoid the stuff, you’ll find something you’ll like at JuneShine.

Thanks to their unique brewing process and top-notch, locally-sourced ingredients (plus a bit of magic), their brews are true-to-flavor and far from the harsh, vinegar-tasting stuff, you find in most bottles at Whole Foods.

Check out their content on Instagram or scroll through their website if you’re dying to get a look inside your new favorite hangout before you head over. And keep an eye out for pop-up shops, movie nights, and other events being held in the space.