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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

While we love to mix it up with rooftop cycling classes and beachfront CrossFit, yoga will always be our favorite way to sweat in America’s chillest city. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorites for you to try out before finding a studio to call your OM.




In 1999, the yogis behind Pilgrimage of the Heart set out to provide their community with a space for traditional yoga teaching and spiritual practice. Since their humble beginnings as a small gift shop almost 20 years ago, Pilgrimage has grown to become one of the largest and most respected yoga studios in the area. Between their two locations, there are classes available almost every hour of the day to get your mind-body fix.

Get your groove in Bird Rock — the sleepy surf town where ritzy La Jolla meets party central PB. Riffs, a Bird Rock institution, is a music shop/yoga studio mash-up that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out on your neighbor’s back deck. The lush outdoor space is the perfect backdrop for a tranquil yoga class. Try out a class that offers live music and you’ll start wondering if you’ve somehow been magically transported to Bali. Fitt Tip: double-dip into the relaxation by checking out Riffs Studio at their Ocean Beach operation.

Flowing in the heart of Pacific Beach, Spirit Yoga immediately gives you a sense of being home. The staff? Super friendly. The studio? Beautiful and bright. And the classes? Accessible and fun. Outside of a jam-packed Vinyasa yoga schedule (with classes for all levels), they also offer regular workshops for yogis looking to expand their practice into something a bit more encompassing. Choose from single-day courses focused on breathing techniques or weeks-long intensive classes that will have you mastering even the most challenging inversions in no time.

Despite the name, Bird Rock Yoga calls Pacific Beach home (and is just two quick blocks from the beach). This studio exudes community — it’s cozy, warm, and welcoming enough that everyone seems to be on a first-name basis as soon as they walk through the front door. Want to take your class outside of the studio? They offer bi-weekly beachfront classes at Law Street Beach for a small donation as well (and conveniently schedule them during sunset, because duh).

Visiting Ocean Beach is like traveling back in time to the hippie heyday — you can’t walk two blocks without spotting a tie-dye shirt or getting a whiff of incense. So, it’s only fitting that Indie Yoga calls this ‘hood its home. In addition to the typical Vinyasa-style classes, they offer options like Yin/Yang flow with sound healing (now’s your chance if you’ve never tried it) as well as classes dedicated entirely to developing your breathwork. The cranked up temperature rounds out the experience, leaving you feeling invigorated after every class.

Sure, stand-up paddleboarding isn’t exactly a new concept, but doing yoga while stand-up paddleboarding? Yep, we got you there. This fun, outdoor workout on the water combines the balance challenge of SUP with a dynamic series of your favorite yoga poses. In other words, an afternoon on the bay that you’ll never forget. Slather on your sunscreen and head to Mission Bay to pop into one of these classes — we promise you’ll find your sea legs in no time.

Sometimes sipping a freshly pressed green juice or munching on a refreshing acai bowl is the only way to end a challenging yoga class. Thanks to their in-house juice bar, Mantra Yoga has you covered. Start your morning with a Hot Fusion flow and then dive into something delicious from the bar — we guarantee you’ll be floating through the rest of your day. Fitt Tip: Mantra is currently offering a killer $30 for 30 days deal for new students (get on that!).

Buddhi Yoga is a La-Jolla boutique yoga studio with enough weekly classes (65!) to keep you interested. Thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and a killer view, the studio feels bright and refreshing. Plus, with classes led by some of the best-known instructors in La Jolla and beginning as early as 5:45am and as late as 6:45pm, even the busiest yogis can squeeze in a flow. Fitt Tip: be sure to check out their partner, Shade Boutique — the perfectly curated yoga shop keeps only the best clothes and accessories on hand.

The Midway district of Point Loma has long been considered a fairly rough neighborhood where you’re more likely to buy fast food and bargain deals than visit a relaxing yoga class. However, hidden amongst neon signs and bumper-to-bumper traffic you’ll find the House of Yogi — a bright, cheery studio filled with decor reminiscent of somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle. Join them for a range of classes, which are well-spaced throughout the day.

The name could not be more fitting for this one-room yoga studio in downtown San Diego. When you open the door to The Little Yoga Studio you literally step right into the studio where classes are held. And while it is petite, we happen to think it’s perfect — the simple, wood-focused design feels warm and welcoming and the instructors use the small space so well, you’ll completely forget about the lack of square footage. Thankfully, it’s put to good use with a range of healing and restorative classes for all levels.

Despite a somewhat inconvenient location downtown (hello, tourists), Pura Vida is one of the most-beloved studios amongst San Diego locals. And while the studio may be smack dab in the middle of city living, Pura Vida’s various flow classes create a peaceful, urban oasis. The instructors are top-notch, the classes are straightforward, and the studio feels like home, whether you’ve been there once in your life or once a day for years.

Resilience Yoga, in the charming neighborhood of Golden Hill, was started by a husband-and-wife team as a sister studio to their first location in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their goal in San Diego was to create a community focused on more than just yoga, and thanks to a full schedule of health, leadership, and spiritual development, they have done just that. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have some of the best yoga classes in town, including the ever-popular HIIT+Yoga class that’s as intensive—and effective— as it sounds.

Trilogy Sanctuary holds up to its name — it’s a triple-threat of aerial yoga, an infrared-heated indoor studio space, and an organic, vegan cafe. The La Jolla location boasts a rooftop space with daily aerial yoga classes overlooking the ocean as well as plenty of comfy nooks to enjoy your raw, organic, vegan snacks (that’s a mouthful, literally). And on the rare rainy San Diego day, you can take your practice indoors, where the temp is cranked up to almost 100℉.

Rooted on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach, a street well known for short-lived ventures, Reach Yoga has become a beloved hideaway for locals looking to escape the madness of PB. Their heated classes are taught by some of the most talented instructors in Southern California and are held until 9pm nearly every day of the week (including Saturday nights). So, consider skipping the bars next weekend and giving hot yoga a try — we can guarantee your Sunday will thank you.

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