Calling All Plant-Based Brunchers! Breakfast Republic’s Vegan Menu is Finally Here

Calling All Plant-Based Brunchers! Breakfast Republic’s Vegan Menu is Finally Here

If you’re one of the San Diegans who has been begging Breakfast Republic to add vegan options to their menu, you’re not alone. Well, they heard your request loud and clear and recently announced that their vegan menu is finally here.

Decisions, Decisions

Breakfast Republic has been a San Diego brunch staple since it first opened in 2015, but one ask that owner Johan Engman has received across his seven locations is for plant-based options. Enter: the Harvest Omelet, Jammin’ Bennie, and Soy Chorizo Bowl.

All three dishes are made with the JUST egg — a mung bean egg substitute that, dare we say, tastes just like the real thing. “We had a really clear idea of what we wanted to do since the first day we tried the vegan egg product,” said Breakfast Republic’s corporate chef Cesar Garcia. “We felt like we were working with regular egg, so that was exciting to experiment with — it didn’t feel like just a substitute.”

After about six months of testing different options, the Breakfast Republic crew landed on these three dishes as their premiere vegan meals. “We spent months perfecting [the new vegan menu items],” says Johan, “as opposed to just ‘throwing something together.”


In Johan’s opinion, the Jammin’ Bennie takes top honors. It’s made from blackberry-jalapeño jam, Italian vegan sausage, JUST egg substitute, and vegan hollandaise, and served with breakfast potatoes.

Cesar is loving the Soy Chorizo Bowl, though. For Mexican food-loving San Diegans, this winner is made with Mexican rice, black beans, JUST egg, soy chorizo, corn, onions, and cilantro. But, in our opinion, the Harvest Omelet doesn’t fall short, either. It’s built with the JUST egg, asparagus, avocado, spinach, onion, jalapeño, and vegan sausage, and is served with your choice of vegan bread.

So, if you’re a plant-based eater who’s been watching your friends enjoy brunch at Breakfast Republic from afar, you can finally join in on Sunday Funday. Get ready for brunch cocktails, specialty coffee, and a delicious meal that meets all your dietary needs!