From Peaks to Pints: Lace up For an Adventure With Hike For Beer

From Peaks to Pints: Lace up For an Adventure With Hike For Beer

Motivating yourself to hit the gym can be a form of cardio all on its own. It would be so much easier to skip your workout and post up in a brewery with your friends, right?

As enticing as that may be, we all know that a cold one is much more satisfying when you’ve put in some work to earn it — like a five-mile hike up Iron Mountain, for instance. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join the adventurous drinking group Hike For Beer.


This San Diego-based group was created when co-founders Leah and Kira realized they had two major things in common — their love for a challenging hike and craft beer. So, they combined the two and came up with Hike For Beer, which now meets several times a month for a scenic hike and post-sweat beers at a local craft brewery.

Take a look at their Instagram feed and you’ll quickly see they’ve got a very good thing going — it boasts photos of beautiful California mountainscapes and seaside cliffs alongside some of best hometown-made brews in the city (San Diego has more than a few to choose from).

In addition to bringing “people together through epic experiences”, Hike for Beer is also all about protecting the environment. They’re a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they pledge to contribute to green organizations working in the community. Truly, it doesn’t get much better than that.


With each local adventure, your Hike For Beer guide will pick you up in Mission Valley and transport you to the start of a two- to six-mile hike. After you’ve completed the hike (and a boozy beverage is in order), you and the crew will head to an area brewery for a flight of beers and a light lunch.

Then they’ll send you back to Mission Valley with a light buzz and a goodie bag.

While Hike For Beer is a great way to bond with fellow beer snobs and fans of the great outdoors, they also offer private small group tours — which sounds like a much better activity than trying to pedal one of those pub bikes around Gaslamp.

So, if you’re ready to get your brew on, check out their website and Facebook page. Keep up with their next adventure and get ready to #HikeForBeer.