Lazy Acres is Mission Hills’ New Go-to Spot For Organic, Farm-Fresh Groceries

Lazy Acres is Mission Hills’ New Go-to Spot For Organic, Farm-Fresh Groceries

Imagine a place where you could snag every new product off of your favorite food blogger’s trendy Instagram feed while sipping a cold brew or green juice. Keep your daydream going, and imagine snagging your favorite fresh honey and bee pollen from a live bee hive. Well, we are here to tell you: this place is real. Mission Hills’ latest neighborhood addition, Lazy Acres, is your foodie dream come true.

  • Organic all day, everyday

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    image via @hipstudio | Instagram

    Lazy Acres’ second San Diego digs (you can visit the OG SD location in Encinitas!) is your organic, grass-fed, farm-fresh mecca. The health superstore is stocked with a wide array of high-quality, organic produce, Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free pantry staples, and natural body care products and supplements.

    And if you’ve got a fresh-pressed juice on the mind — you’re in luck. They’ve got a juice and smoothie bar (where you can blend in CBD and adaptogens!) with your name on it. Not to mention plenty of grab-and-go items for those of us who are in a hurry.

  • Shop Local

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    image via Lazy Acres Market | Facebook

    While Lazy Acres is a chain (with four total locations), the grocer makes sure you still shop local. The Mission Hills’ spot is decked out with a Pannikin Coffee stand, locally-grown produce, locally-raised meat and seafood, and dozens of local San Diego craft beers.

  • The Bee’s Knees

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    image via @zing.zing.dynamite | Instagram

    The buzz is true: Mission Hills’ Lazy Acres has an in-store beehive! The store’s Bee Department highlights the threatened insect’s role in the ecosystem, while offering natural bee products, like honeycomb and beeswax, straight from the source.