Local Favorite Parakeet Café is Set to Open New Digs in Little Italy

Local Favorite Parakeet Café is Set to Open New Digs in Little Italy

Parakeet Café’s flock is getting one location stronger this year with the opening of a second store in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. Known for their Instagrammable walls and good-for-you foods, this café is getting an upgrade once it hits Little Italy — we’re talking a bigger location and longer hours.

Jonathan and Carol Goldwasser founded the original Parakeet Café in La Jolla together after their daughter was born with a rare disease. The only way they could help with her health was by controlling her diet. Once they started feeding her quality, nutrient dense foods, they were shocked by how much it aided in her healing process.

“Now she’s 12 and healthy,” says Carol, “and we feel it’s our purpose to create a food revolution where people have access to high quality, healthy, organic, and delicious food so they can be their best selves.”


Parakeet Café offers all the health food, including avocado toast, a cacao waffle, a raw zucchini noodle salad, roasted kabocha squash soup, a full menu of specialty coffees, and more.

“I think the best way to describe our food is a homemade meal made by a professional chef,” says Carol. “It’s what you would do if you were cooking for yourself. We only serve what we think is amazing, and we like to make the presentation beautiful and fun.”

For now, Carol’s favorite dish is the quinoa mezze bowl (quinoa with all sorts of colorful Mediterranean veggie items mixed in), but she’s most excited for the new dinner menu they’ll offer at the Little Italy location. Naturally, we are too.

Do It For The Insta

As for the Little Italy aesthetic, they’re keeping that a mystery for now. Parakeet Café’s La Jolla location has walls covered in tropical leaves and parakeets with a neon sign that reads, “Birds of a Feather”. And though we can’t confirm the same vibe for Little Italy, you can expect it to be just as picturesque, so have portrait mode at the ready.

The Goldwassers hope to open Little Italy’s doors to the public before the end of the year, and when they do, be ready to stay late — they’ll be open until 10 pm!